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Crowning the Winners of the 1st Neeuro Brainiest Kid Competition India

Neeuro launched the ‘Brainiest Kid Competition India’, its first-ever cognitive skills online competition last October 2019.

To reinforce brain training’s importance in India, Neeuro invited students between the ages of 6 to 17-year-old to participate in the competition. See the list of winners here!

IMH, Duke-NUS and Neeuro Pilot Home-Based Brain-Training Game to Help Children with ADHD

A first-of-its-kind personalised, interactive brain-training game will soon be helping children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) improve their attention span. Read more!

Neeuro Launches Its 1st ‘Neeuro Brainiest Kid Competition’ in India

A leading global Digital Mental Health and Brain Fitness platform headquartered in Singapore is launching its first Cognitive Skills Online Competition.

Read more about the competition!

Neeuro Brain Training Apps Expand in India with Spini Partnership

The year 2018 has been an impressive year for Neeuro. With its groundbreaking Brain Training Apps like Memorie, Galini, Smarty Knights, etc., and Senzeband tool, it has announced its partnership with Spinircle India Pvt. Ltd (Spini).   Spini Promotes Brain Training Apps Spini adds...

Collaborating Globally to Build the Foundation of Cognitive Development

Cognitive development starts at birth, it’s the foundation for learning and as such, there’s a strong link between developing these skills early and success in later life. Cognitive skills like attention and memory play a key role in the building blocks of many core academic subjects, like...

Neeuro & Brain Fitness Co. Ltd. to establish Brain Training Centre in Korea

Singapore, 15th May 2018 – Neeuro is pleased to announce its collaboration with Brain Fitness Co., Ltd., a company dedicated to helping people strengthen their brain capabilities through efficient brain training. Together, they intend to raise joint awareness of offline programmes in the area of...

Singapore Polytechnic Creates a Robot for ADHD in Children

Fortunately, we had the pleasure of assisting Singapore Polytechnic students over the past few months. The students are Valent, Denzil, and Yong Kang. Systemically, Neeuro helped them invent a robot using our SenzeBand and MindSync applications. First, the robot was designed with a very special...

Neeuro Aims to Reduce Careless Mistakes Through Brain Training With Neuromath

Singapore, 3rd January 2018 – Neeuro has announced that they have recently partnered with Neuromath, a premier education centre and parent company of Early Math Matters, to provide brain training courses for their students. Neuromath primarily focuses on children from 7 to 12 years old, boosting...

Neeuro & Vine Global Partner to Bring Neeuro’s Brain Training Solutions to Children

Singapore, 28th December 2017 - Neeuro has announced that they have partnered with training company Vine Global, to bring NeeuroFIT for Children to primary schools, student care centres, and preschools. In addition, Vine Global will also work alongside Neeuro as a product distributor to bring...

Neeuro Partners with Gifted Learners Student Care Centre to Provide NeeuroFIT for Kids

Singapore, 15th December 2017  - Neeuro, a company specialising in neurotechnology, has announced that they have partnered with Gifted Learners Student Care Centre to provide brain training classes for children. The class will be run for students between 7 to 12 years at Gifted Learners Student...

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Neeuro Launches Ultimate Brain Training Wearable With Games

Neeuro Launches Ultimate Brain Training Wearable With Games

The consumer-friendly EEG headband paired with a neuroscience-designed game app allows users to train their brains for a healthier mind. The EEG headband wearable will be FREE via Indiegogo. SINGAPORE (March 7, 2016) - Neeuro, a company focusing on neurotechnology and...

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Neeuro CEO Dr. Alvin Chan: Now We’re Ready

Neeuro CEO Dr. Alvin Chan: Now We’re Ready

On Why Neeuro Paused & Moved their Product Launch for Nine Months - Neeuro CEO Co-Founder and CEO Dr. Alvin Chan, a data scientist and artificial intelligence expert, explains the delay in their initial launch plans that was originally slated for 2015. Our...

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Neeuro Wins APICTA 2015 Award for Start-Up Category

Neeuro proudly announces another Award for Start-Up Category in the recently concluded APICTA 2015. The Asia Pacific ICT Alliance (APICTA) 2015 held in Colombo, Sri Lanka, from November 18 to 22, featured representatives from the 16-member economies, including...

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Silver IT Fest 2015 Features Neeuro

Can seniors be techies, too? Can they have a digital lifestyle and be digitally connected just like the rest of humankind? Will playing video games help them improve their memory? You better believe it! The recently concluded two-day Silver IT Fest 2015 held at...

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