A list of booklets and catalogues to provide more information about Neeuro products.

SenzeBand 2 Starter Guide

To get started on setting up your SenzeBand 2 refer to our starter guide. Select your preferred language below:

SenzeBand 2 Catalogue

More SenzeBand 2 product and technical specifications can be found in our Catalogue:

Memorie Booklet

Memorie is a collection of 18 engaging mobile games that trains the 5 cognitive functions of our brain – Attention, Memory, Decision-making, Spatial Ability, Flexibility. Check our Memorie booklet for more information:

NeeuroFIT Booklet

NeeuroFIT is a series of brain training courses designed with the latest technologies in Brain- Computer Interface (BCI). The courses are intended to progressively improve a participant's cognitive abilities (such as working memory, decision making, mental flexibility) through fun and engaging games in the Memorie app. Cognitive skills are important building blocks for children to perform well in school and for adults and seniors to function properly in daily life. Check our NeeuroFIT booklet for more information:

Cogo Booklet

Cogo is a digital attention training program for ages 6 to 12, using neurofeedback with a non-invasive Brain-Computer-Interface (BCI) game. Cogo not only helps improve the child's attention span but also trains his/her selective attention as well as inhibition and gives an indication of whether these skills are transferred onto when they are doing academic tasks. Check out the Cogo booklet for more information:

NeeuroOS Catalogue

A scalable platform that enables the interpretation of cognitive mental states, from raw EEG signals, to derive interventions for Brain health challenges in real-time. Check out the NeeuroOS Catalogue for more information:

MindViewer Guide

MindViewer is a visualization tool for Neeuro SenzeBand, an EEG (Electroencephalogram) device that lets you understand your mental states in real-time while doing your day-to-day activities such as studying, working, or just taking a break.