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Learning to handle and cope with daily stress is essential in today's world. When unchecked, chronic stress can lead to unwanted things that may negatively affect your health. That’s why we created Galini - a stress management solution that provides you a tailored relaxation and mindfulness experience.


This is a measurable stress management solution that’s tailored to provide optimal Relaxation and Mindfulness. Galini comes with a suite of scientifically proven techniques that helps you to achieve peace and clarity of mind.

Galini is available in 8 languages. Currently, Galini supports English, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, Thai, Polish and German.

Listen and reach ideal relaxation faster

The special audio frequencies (binaural beats) in our tracks, coupled with calming visualisations of peaceful scenes, can coax your mind into a state of deep relaxation. When earpieces are used, the different pure-tone sine waves played in the right and left ears creates an auditory illusion called binaural beats.

Binaural beats have been scientifically proven to stimulate a person’s brainwaves to a state of relaxation.

Breathe to better balance mind & body

Our breathing techniques are designed to stimulate specific parts of the brain to modulate the mind and body and bring about a deep sense of peace to your whole person. The single breathing session have been proven to have immediate effects in cardiovascular-respiratory functions as well as emotional health.

Breathing properly induces a stress-free state of mind and lead to better emotional management & improvement in mindfulness.

Move to control your mind

We guide you through slow and deliberate movements while the screen interacts with you. This helps to regulate your focus and induce an increased awareness of your internal sensations and of the immediate environment.

The integration of watching and touching the screen along with listening to music provides meaningful feedback for the user and stimulates awareness and relaxation at the same time.

Through slow, gentle, continuous and repetitive movement, the user learns to regulate their own attention and relaxation levels.

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Paired with the Revolutionary SenzeBand 2.

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