In a fast-paced world, you must be mentally sharp to withstand daily tasks and challenges. That is why we created a paired brain training solution - Neeuro SenzeBand with the Memorie application - tailored to level up your cognitive functions to think faster, learn smarter, and remember better.

Holistically train your mental muscles with Neeuro's SenzeBand EEG headband providing real-time feedback as you do brain exercises to achieve a healthier and stronger mind to improve your health span.

Select between our self-paced brain fitness training program built in the Memorie app or enroll for a NeeuroFIT course

Memorie - A Self-Paced Brain Fitness Training


Memorie is a collection of engaging mobile games that trains the 5 cognitive functions of our brain – Attention, Memory, Decision-making, Spatial Ability, Flexibility. Paired with Neeuro SenzeBand 2, Memorie offers built-in training program that guides your next step.

NeeuroFIT Brain Training Courses

The right form of brain training can enhance our cognitive skills. It is proven that people that are exposed to such training courses, see improvements in their attention, memory, spatial ability, decision making and cognitive flexibility.

NeeuroFIT is an interactive holistic brain training course with activities and cognitive game training powered by Memorie. The course is tailored for children, professionals and seniors by our team of NeeuroFIT certified trainers. 

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NeeuroFIT for Children

This course seeks to improve children's cognitive skills. Special emphasis is placed on attention and memory, that serve as the building blocks for children to excel in areas of learning, such as Mathematics, Science and Languages.

NeeuroFIT for Professionals

NeeuroFIT for Professionals is an interactive course that uses engaging brain games and activities, teaching your employees to use them for organization growth.

NeeuroFIT for Seniors

With brain training, cognitive decline that leads to mental illnesses can be avoided. NeeuroFIT offers opportunities to Seniors to keep mentally active and healthy.

Neeuro SenzeBand EEG headband

Partner with Us to be a NeeuroFIT Certified Trainer.

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