The power of neurofeedback within your reach with NeeuroOS.

person wearing Neeuro SenzeBand EEG headband while meditating


NeeuroOS is a scalable platform for the SenzeBand. It enables the interpretation of cognitive mental states, from raw EEG signals, to derive interventions for brain health challenges in real-time. Imagine the possibilities and make them realities.

Create Personalised and Adaptive Solutions

Let your clients take control of their mental health with real-time feedback powered by Neeuro's AI and machine learning Mental States algorithms.

Think of peak-performance training applications that adjust difficulty depending on one’s mental state. Or how about that emotion regulation solution?

Mental States

mental states

Turn Novel Ideas Into Effective Interventions

Collect and analyse brainwave patterns with the portable, non-invasive EEG device, SenzeBand. Optimize your solution minus potential side effects. 

Imagine being able to help people suffering from depression, anxiety, or addictions.

Frequency Bands

Transform Neurotherapeutics

Explore and develop targeted solutions by accessing raw EEG data from the prefrontal cortex and temporal lobe.

Imagine applications for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, epilepsy, and more.

Raw EEG Signals

Unlock Deeper Insights With Motion Tracking

Use motion data to ensure accuracy of your solution or as additional markers of mental states or more. 

Periods of drowsiness when the eyes close or yawns, or of building anxiety indicated by subtle movements in the eyebrows or cheeks, and more, can now be easily identified and tracked.

9-Axis Motion Sensor

9 axis motion sensor

Gain Comprehensive Insights Into Mental Well-Being

Monitor oxygen and heart rate levels to get additional insights into the user’s mental health.

Think applications for sleep optimization, resilience training, fatigue monitoring, and more.

PPG Sensor

heart rate monitor


Explore endless possibilities of integrating EEG technology with different opportunities and use cases.


Develop innovative, data-driven solutions to address diverse brain health challenges.

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Break free from the limitations of cumbersome and wired EEG devices with the portable and wireless SenzeBand.

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Sports and E-sports

Develop neurofeedback-based training solutions that push the boundaries of athletic ability.

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Understand consumer decisions and evoked responses for more effective marketing campaigns.

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Game Development

Elevate game development to the next level with SenzeBand. Create immersive and engaging gameplay experiences in new and innovative game genres.

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Neuroscience and STEM Education

Empower students to explore the fascinating world of neuroscience and brain-computer interface.

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Whether you are looking to revolutionise your industry or to enhance or empower your current product offerings, NeeuroOS provides you the platform to turn your vision to reality. Embark on the journey with Neeuro and transform lives!

US$15/month per SenzeBand Connect With Us


  • Access to NeeuroOS Library of Mental States (Attention, Relaxation, Mental Workload)
  • Raw EEG signals
  • Frequency Band Readings
  • 9-axis Motion Sensor Readings
  • PPG Readings
  • Activity Indicator
  • SenzeBand information such as MAC Address, Battery Level, Event Evoke
Language Platform and Operating Systems
Java Native Android
Objective C Native iOS
C# Native Windows, Unity on Android, iOS, Windows


Yes, the SenzeBand 2 is designed to be flexible and worn with headgears. However, it will still depend on the design of the headgear and whether the SenzeBand can fit properly. For more information, please contact us at contact@neeuro.com.

Thank you for your interest. To get started ensure that you have SenzeBand 2. Then, fill up this form. We will provide you with a developer's code and access to the NeeuroOS.

We offer 1 month free trial for NeeuroOS. Licensing Fee is chargeable after the trial period. To find out more, please contact us at contact@neeuro.com.