A scalable platform that enables the interpretation of cognitive mental states, from raw EEG signals, to derive interventions for Brain health challenges in real-time.

Looking to develop your own apps with the Neeuro SenzeBand? Our Software Development Kit (SDK) package lets you explore endless possibilities of integrating EEG technology with different opportunities and use cases. 

Be part of the next wave in mobile health technology and partner with us. Advances in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Digital Therapeutics are going to improve the performance of the human mind, making it sharper, smarter, and healthier.

In your drive to build brain computing solutions that will harness data and measure different mental states, a lot of time and resources will be spent in building the AI platform alone. Now with NeeuroOS, you can launch your solutions easier and quicker than ever before.


Brain Computing Solutions Powered by NeeuroOS

Various brain computing solutions today are focused on the following areas:
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Tailor-made for the Brain


Neeuro’s portfolio and offerings are backed by clinically validated research that empowers digital therapeutics and brain fitness solutions.

NeeuroOS, coupled with Neeuro SenzeBand, enables us to address problems associated with ADHD, cognitive and stroke rehabilitation, and other neurological issues.

NeeuroOS also enables developers to create their applications using the data that's provided by NeeuroOS.

  • Essential for Developers and Researchers
  • Easy Mental States and Brainwave Technology Access
  • Quickly Monitor Brain Computer Interface (BCI) and Neurofeedback
  • Build Custom Brain Related Solutions
  • Quickly and Cost-Effectively

The NeeuroOS Platform

To produce a successful solution, Digital Mental Health and Brain Fitness providers require the integration of
Artificial Intelligence (AI) platforms to harness brain data and effectively measure different mental states.



SDK Package

Standard Package

3 Mental States:

Attention, Relaxation, and Mental Workload

Raw EEG Signals

Frequency Band Readings

Motion Sensor Readings

How to Leverage NeeuroOS

Conveniently tap on Neeuro’s Software Development Kit (SDK) and build applications around the SenzeBand, so that you can focus on your core offerings.
  • Access to latest Mental State models using simple API calls
  • Runs on multiple platforms
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