Our Mission

Empowering our minds to overcome brain health challenges through Artificial Intelligence and Digital Therapeutics

It all started with a dream to create something that help our brains to become healthier.

And so, our journey began and we collaborated with academics, researchers and professionals, and created modern and fun learning solutions that enable us to have healthy minds and happy lives.

Our Story and Vision

To develop innovative products that empower people to live happier, healthier and more productively through the use of neurotechnology
and gamification.

Our Belief

We strongly believe that early screening and interventions are key to overcoming Brain health challenges.

It’s always better to seek preventive methods rather than to find a cure. And we want to reach out and provide our products and solutions to as many people as possible.

The Core Team

Website_What We Do_Headshot_Eddie_322x247_Beige BG
Eddie Chau

Chairman & Founder

Website_What We Do_Headshot_Alvin_322x247_Beige BG
Dr. Alvin Chan, PhD

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

20220624_Website_What We Do_Headshot_Michelle_322x247_Beige BG
Michelle Ho

Chief Operating Officer

20220802_Website_What We Do_Headshot_Darwina_322x247_Beige BG
Darwina Azmi

Cognitive Psychologist

20220826_Website_What We Do_Headshot_Serene_322x247_Beige BG
Serene Teng

Director for R&D and Quality

20221229_Website_What We Do_Headshot_DLaarni_322x247_Beige BG
D'Laarni Ortiz

Head of Global Operations