Media Kit

Writing a story about us? In this media kit, you’ll find our visual assets, including logos, product and service photos, and videos to include in your website or printed materials. Please include our website link for credits.


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Application Images

Video Links

Neeuro: A Groundbreaking Solution To Brain Fitness
The Science Behind Brain Training
Tutorial for Setting up SenzeBand & Memorie
Memorie + SenzeBand Animated Video
NeeuroFIT Enrichment Curriculum for Children
Neeuro Memorie Game App Video
Smarty Knights Official Trailer
How To Improve Your Learning Capacity
Kids Playing with Neeuro Memorie and SenzeBand
Neeuro Memorie Psychic Cyclist Gameplay Trailer
Neeuro Memorie Sushi Recall Gameplay Trailer
Neeuro Memorie Multitask Master Gameplay Trailer
Psychic Cyclist, the Revolutionary BCI Mobile Game That Trains Your Focus
How Many Ways Can You Spell Radar?
Supercharge Your Working Memory With Sushi Recall
Pokemon GO & Mental Fitness
Collaborate With Neeuro
Aunty Goh’s Story – All About Dementia – a Community Project by Neeuro
Introduction to The Good Life Co-op
Using Your Attention to Control Robots! Neeuro mBot Race
Try Out Neeuro’s Cognitive Assessment in Memorie
Neeuro Partner Opportunities
Their SECRET of Learning FASTER and Studying BETTER [Revealed]!
When Stress is Too Much
Do you know a child who can’t focus? WATCH THIS!
LOOK: A Brain Training Programme Suited for the Elderly
100 Random Spoken Numbers MEMORY CHALLENGE!
Master Wellon Chou’s 30 Cards in 30 Seconds CHALLENGE!
Try the 30 Cards in 30 Seconds Challenge!
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