Exciting Milestones for Neeuro in 2021

Posted by Alvin Chan on 20 January 2022

No doubt the past two years have been tough for many companies. For Neeuro, the pandemic meant delays in the production of our flagship product, SenzeBand 2, as global raw materials shortages and manpower limitations hampered schedules.

Further, as work / school from home became the new norm, some things naturally were put on hold or worse, shelved. Fortunately, there were important and exciting wins throughout 2021 that made things sweeter for Neeuro, which will continue throughout 2022.

Indeed, because of the importance of digital therapeutics to address mental wellness, Neeuro has continued expanding and creating partnerships to help address our common objectives. Below are select milestones from different parts of the globe:


Neeuro partnered with Shanghai Dingbo Medical Technology Co. in China known for its work in mental health and pediatric mental care. The project introduces NeeuroCare, a care model for children with ADHD that not only addresses the needs of children with ADHD but also aids clinicians’ workflow processes for diagnosis and prescription. This project is supported by Enterprise Singapore and China’s Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality. [Read more here.]


Neeuro signed a memorandum of agreement with Japanese neuro / cognitive rehabilitation distributor Inter Reha Co. Ltd. The agreement paves the way for Neeuro’s attention training program, CogoLand, entering the Japanese market.


Dutch/German neurofeedback experts, Brainmarker, was looking for portable EEG devices that could work well with their QEEG and neurofeedback application. This led them to a partnership with Neeuro, using the NeeuroOS platform. It also opened the door for other areas of collaboration for the Dutch and German markets and beyond.


In the early part of last year, epihunter founder Tim Buckinx was searching for EEG devices that could work well with the application they were working on for silent epilepsy. Having seen that Neeuro shared the same passion and vision of helping people with various brain health challenges, the company partnered with Neeuro to create solutions for brain disorders, with an initial focus on multiple epilepsies [Read more here.]


AZ Proyectos Educativos had a vision of bringing helpful technology to Colombia’s education sector. In 2021, the company worked with the Pereira city government to bring Neeuro’s NeeuroFIT curriculum to 30 schools helping 320 students with cognitive and/or multiple disabilities have better learning outcomes. To bring this to fruition, they created several promotional videos to market NeeuroFIT in Colombia. [Watch one of their videos here.]

2022 will be more revolutionary

In the first month of the new year, we are eagerly looking forward to strengthened partnerships and new collaborations within the region and across the globe, especially as we are preparing for the launch of our all-new SenzeBand 2 – the perfect companion to a stronger and healthier brain. Watch out for it!


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