New and Renewed in 2022: Confidently Managing Brain Health

Posted by Gina Lumauig on 31 January 2022

We welcome the Lunar New Year, the year of the Tiger this first week of February. It is said that this will be a year for gaining back our strength and vitality. The year 2021 was the year of the metal ox which brought so much hardships and trials; it was exhausting, tiring, and utterly frustrating, that is why we look forward to a more hopeful year ahead. Those born in the year of the Tiger are said to be brave, competitive, confident, and display great levels of willpower.

Be a tiger, be brave 

How about we adopt the tiger qualities and face these seemingly endless challenges by bringing forth our confidence and braveness. It can be the perfect time for renewal – of relationships, career, and health. The past year of the ox had us making sure that all aspects of our health were taken care of. Physical health: strong immune system, good eating habits, getting our much-needed vitamins and exercise to avoid being infected by Covid-19; and mental health, to address underlying effects brought upon by being locked down for several months, losing jobs, losing friends and family, or just simply struggling with surviving. These have been issues we needed to deal with.

Managing our mental well-being should be one of our top priorities. In a recent series of articles, Neeuro CEO, Dr. Alvin Chan discussed how the pandemic challenges took a toll on his mental health while making sure he struck a balance in his work and personal responsibilities, balancing well his activities, noting that brain health is something that needed to be handled in the best possible way. Brain training activities, done regularly, are key for a stronger and healthier brain since it is a solution that we can closely control, manage simply, and monitor extensively.

Managing stress through Galini

A Forbes article in July 2021 wrote about the results of the Global Emotions Report which surveyed 160,000 people in 116 countries during 2020 and early 2021. The results showed that 40% of people have experienced worry and stress, and 29% had undergone physical pain; 27% experienced sadness, and 24% experienced anger. Overall, these high levels of stress, worry, and other emotions were largely attributed to the pandemic effects, but also points that the downward trend of happiness has been happening for over a decade.

All these statistics clearly show that we need to consciously make efforts to maintain brain strength, so that whenever stress, worry, even despair set in, we know how to properly handle these. Learning how to take a break when we feel fatigued is important. With Galini by Neeuro, one gets to relax and calm down since it offers a variety of relaxation activities bringing you to a relaxed state. Together with the SenzeBand, a headband equipped with electroencephalogram (EEG) sensors that tracks an individual’s brain waves, the Galini app gives real-time feedback to users to better control thoughts even with a 15-minute session, thereby improving mental well-being.

Renewed, stronger, and healthier

Being the Tiger in 2022 means not just being brave but also being kind – kind to others and kind to oneself. Aiming to be healthier and stronger this year using brain training solutions shows that we are also aiming to become the better version of ourselves: renewed, unafraid, and ready for all the challenges we may face ahead.

With Neeuro’s innovative solutions, we can be certain that we can achieve a stronger and healthier brain; confident, powerful, courageous, and able to withstand fear.

Here's wishing you all the fullness of the vigor and vitality of the Tiger!


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