Is Brain Fog Affecting You? Learn the Science Behind It and How Neeuro Can Help

Posted by D'Laarni Ortiz on 24 March 2023

Struggling to remember details or feeling a bit sluggish when tackling tasks that used to be easy? You may need some clarity and it could be time for you to combat brain fog.

What is brain fog?

The World Health Organization said brain fog is a term used for symptoms that are often related to cognitive functions such as memory, attention, language, and processing information.  

People experiencing brain fog symptoms find it difficult to make decisions, concentrate on tasks or even learn, speak, and understand. This could include other cognitive impairments such as short-term memory loss, confusion, and even dizziness.

Recently, brain fog has gained notice after people who were recovering from Covid have been reporting symptoms of long Covid which included brain fog and other cognitive issues.  

An estimated 10-20% of people infected with Covid are seen to develop symptoms of long Covid and may go on to experience this for months or even years, affecting people’s normal functioning, productivity, and abilities at work or in school.  

In Europe alone, an estimated 17 million people have experienced long Covid symptoms.  

Recent studies have identified that poor oxygen flow into the brain and breaks in connections between neurons as culprits behind Covid-related brain fog issues experienced by millions worldwide.  

Brain fog, though, is not a new phenomenon. In fact, prior to Covid, it was already known that stress, depression, hormonal changes, and even poor diet can cause people to experience brain fog.

But how does one counter brain fog symptoms? Here are some tips:

  1. Take a “mental health break”. Sometimes, all one’s brain needs is a break from thinking. Scientists believe that trying harder to remember that thing that you forgot could only worsen the situation. Instead, take a break and recharge the mind.

  2. Mindfulness exercises, even brief ones, have been found to help improve one’s attention. The Mayo Clinic further details various mindfulness exercises and how these can benefit an individual. 

  3. Train your cognitive skills. Instead of relying too much on lists ,Scotland’s NHS inform suggests to keep using one’s memory.  

How can Neeuro help?

Keep your mind in top shape with Neeuro’s brain fitness programmes in Memorie and train 5 key cognitive skills needed in day-to-day life: memory, attention, mental flexibility, decision making, and spatial ability. These programmes can either be done at one's own pace or in a class.

One can also achieve mindfulness with simple and brief exercises in Galini (Available soon for SenzeBand 2 users). Galini is Neeuro’s measurable stress management and relaxation solution that lets users choose from three exercises (listen, breathe, and move).

Fight brain fog now! 

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