5 Tips to Self-Love: The Road to a Healthier Mind

Posted by Gina Lumauig on 16 February 2022

We may have been inundated this past week with messages and posts about love because after all, it is the month of love. And Valentine’s Day being the most romantic day of the year, we see cheesy, gushing, sappy photos in social media with women receiving flowers, chocolates and what-have-you, from their significant others, children, and other loved ones. The National Retail Association even says that this year, Americans were expected to spend almost $24-billion on Valentine’s Day, a more than $2-billion increase from 2021.

Now that is a lot of spending for someone else. Of course, for the loves of our lives, spending money is secondary; as long as the message is clearly sent and understood, and reciprocated, taking care of and loving others is natural; as a parent, spouse, child, friend.

We may, however, tend to forget ourselves. What do we need? What do we want for ourselves? Are we also taking care of ourselves? Shouldn’t we prioritize that too?

With the anxiety-ridden global pandemic for the past two years taking its toll on our mental health, physical well-being, and even economic situations, it becomes inevitable that we also focus on self-love or self-care. No, it is not being selfish. In fact, ensuring that we fill our cup with love means we have enough to give out to others too.

What can we do then as a manifestation of self-love? Here are five tips:

1) Schedule that annual physical check-up.

The pandemic may have restricted us to visit the clinics for that annual physical examination. How about exploring that now? Unless you have major medical issues, getting your blood checked, x-rays, and doctor consult will put you at ease. Getting a clean bill of health gives you a sense of security that all is well.

2) Revisit your daily eating habits.

You are what you eat. What do you take for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks? They say the more colorful your plate is, then the healthier you are eating. When you nourish your body, you are also nourishing your mind, contributing to how your disposition will be: towards work, colleagues, loved ones, and oneself. Maybe you are sluggish because you have just been munching on junk food. Fruits, vegetables, seafoods, are sure to fuel your body well. Have a conversation with your doctor/s about what best to take and avoid.

3) Be grateful.

A gratitude journal, whether handwritten or typed in your electronic gadget, will also help unload your feelings. Are you happy, sad, anxious, excited? Talk about those feelings like you are talking to someone. Just write, do not edit. Let it flow. It will help. Do not forget to say thank you – to the Universe – for the blessings you have received. If you need anything, say that too. It does not have to be a daily thing. In your downtime, while you are having a leisurely breakfast perhaps, or maybe before you turn in for the day, get that pen or type away.

4) Treat yourself.

Pampering yourself with a spa day? Have your much-needed haircut? Or a much-needed nap in the afternoon? Anything that will make you feel better will help boost your mood. No guilt trip necessary.

5) Do something for a healthier mind.

Your physical health, your being grateful, your good nourishment, and all other things you can do for yourself should also include ensuring your mental well-being is taken care of. Digital therapeutics have now become easy to manage for oneself, offering solutions for a stronger brain and healthier mind. One such digital health solution is NeeuroFIT. Paired with the Neeuro SenzeBand 2, a non-invasive device, that is able to capture electroencephalogram (EEG) brainwaves. With its revolutionary features, one can help stem cognitive decline as we age. NeeuroFIT brain training programs are available depending on one’s need: whether as a student to help improve their cognitive skills, as professionals for their productivity, or as seniors to help in their brain fitness, these options are readily available and easy to navigate.

Keep in mind that we project love and positivity when we ourselves are in our best elements. These self-love and self-care steps moving forward mean you are on the road to fully equipping yourself to share your love to others: fulfilled, strengthened, and ready.

Read more about Neeuro and its brain training and digital therapeutics solutions here. 


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