Neeuro CEO on the Future of Digital Therapeutics

Posted by Alvin Chan on 26 January 2022

We welcome the new year with some trepidation because of the continued threat of the pandemic on our physical and mental health. In my first article, the discussion was how the pandemic has affected many people globally, including my own challenges, both personally and professionally, what with the anxiety from continuously working from home and realising that normalcy will never return.

Managing stress through brain training solutions

But these realisations, once acknowledged and managed, will lead to seeking solutions for coping and improving our dispositions. My second article talked about managing our mental health by understanding the complexities of our brains through simplified solutions.

I use our very own Galini app, one of the guaranteed ways that help me relax, while understanding my brainwaves through the measurement of my attention, mental workload, and relaxation. Regular use of Galini, especially at my most stressed disposition, reminds me that my mental well-being should be top of mind, and that taking downtime through stress management solutions will in fact make me happier and more productive.

Brain training solutions simplified

We at Neeuro have been very passionate about bringing forth digital therapeutics and brain training solutions to the public. And what more apt time than now, especially with what we have been going through these past two years. We have been relentless in our pursuit to empower our customers to overcome brain health challenges, as we firmly believe that mental health is connected to all aspects of health and wellness – be it physical, emotional, or psychological.

Why partnerships are essential

Our vision is to be THE brain platform for all mental health and well-being. Our NeeuroOS platform provides sensory data, with out-of-the-box algorithms, that interpret data into valuable insights. We have been able to demonstrate the validity of our algorithms that have been applied across various mental health spaces, backed by clinical trials and scientific publications. As we move ahead into the future, we will develop further algorithms providing more insights and capabilities.

The past years have seen us partner with companies and organizations with the same vision as we have, using data analytics and brain-computer interface technology to maximise the potential user’s neurological agility and fitness. From Singapore, we have ventured into other countries such as China, India, Thailand, Colombia, Germany, Belgium, and The Netherlands.

It is essential to develop partnerships through knowledge and technology-sharing. More communities will benefit, awareness on mental health and other issues are brought forth, and we are able to jumpstart conversations that have otherwise not been discussed because of lack of information or even due to the stigma that’s perceived to be associated with mental disease. Both government and private sectors are more than eager to support these endeavors with the view that healthcare, given the challenges we have had to face for two years, should be at the forefront in technology, research, and availability to all publics.

Achieving a healthier brain

In the pipeline as well is the new SenzeBand 2, a portable and enhanced version of the original SenzeBand, equipped with more advanced capabilities. The revolutionary EEG advancements, together with Neeuro’s machine learning algorithms enable regular users to manage their mental states – being able to record, monitor, and understand attention, relaxation, mental workload, fatigue, and stress. The information gathered, much like what I get when I use Galini, inspires me to consciously self-care, take a break with activities that help me relax, thereby making me more productive and inspired.

This is breaking new ground, and we are looking forward to launching it and making it readily available to the market. Through medical distributors, brain fitness and digital therapeutics practitioners, and NeeuroOS partners and developers, we will be on our way to bringing forth these solutions to enable all our clients to have healthier and stronger brains.

The future of brain training solutions is right here. We know it and we are more than happy to be part of this revolution in digital therapeutics.


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