Tackling the Long-Term Effects of Stress with Galini

Posted by Kelly Choo on 28 June 2018


Have you ever found it hard to relax after school/work? Have you felt like constantly on edge because of that project? Or, is it because exams are around the corner?

It’s hard to stay composed when feeling the symptoms of stress or high-pressure periods. But if we don’t get stress under control, it can have severe long and short-term effects on us physically and mentally.

Contrary to popular belief, stress isn’t all bad! It triggers the “fight or flight” instinct, an acute stress response. It’s predominantly physical and involves the release of chemicals and hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. These hormones offer assistance if we decide to flee (flight) or stand our ground (fight). It’s an excellent natural tool for avoiding dangerous situations, and has historically, helped humankind to survive. But, the issue comes when this response is triggered regularly in everyday situations such as school or work.

If this stress is left unchecked it can build up these chemicals and hormones in our bodies, which in turn are going to start becoming harmful to us. Long-term chronic stress and extensive cortisol can lead to health problems like a weakened immune system, weight gain, high blood pressure and cholesterol. Notably, cortisol also interferes with your memory and learning which could be a huge detriment to students, making stressful periods, more difficult. These effects of stress are so powerful. Studies have shown it even affects babies in utero and even linked with higher risks of premature birth. So, it’s important to learn new ways to handle and cope with stress day-to-day, to avoid this becoming a long-term problem.


A measurable stress management solution

Galini LogoNeeuro has introduced Galini, the newest measurable relaxation and stress management solution. This new relaxation app is a convenient pocket app that enables users to feel relaxed and mindful anytime, anywhere. With Galini, we’re taking things to the next level compared to other relaxation apps on the market.

Using Neeuro’s Senzeband to connect to Galini, users are able to track their relaxation and attention state. Moreover, it gives them tangible results for relaxation exercises. Using 3 different methods of relaxation (Listen, Breathe, and Move), Galini offers flexibility and customized experience for all.



Use Galini's Listen Exercise to Combat Workplace StressGalini Breathe Exercise

The Listen exercise uses music as a way of relaxation with imagery of a tranquil scene that users can choose from. Users are encouraged to picture the scenery, lay back with their eyes closed, and relax with the music.

Using real-time feedback from the Senzeband, Galini is able to tweak the frequencies to create a relaxing experience. Then, this experience and data will allow users to track how they have improved. As a result, they should be able to tangibly see progress and guarantee that their time is not wasted.

Galini’s Listen exercises infuse dynamic audio frequencies into the music. This, creates binaural beats that affect brain waves when listened to. The Listen exercises have alpha frequencies of 8-12Hz which are in the range. Conversely, this range is proven to make you feel present, focused, and aware.

Galini promotes mindfulness which is defined as high relaxation and high attention. Being mindful helps you achieve peak performance in life and do things effortlessly with optimal results. Practicing mindfulness regularly not only reduces stress but contributes to higher brain function. Examples are increased focus, and clarity of thought while lowering anxiety and improving sleep. Galini, believes in prevention from falling into the vicious cycle of chronic stress, reducing the chances of extensive health consequences.


Learn more about Galini and Neeuro on our website and see how we can aid in your better relaxation by clicking the banner below! 


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