Neeuro Strengthens Its Position in Digital Therapeutics

Posted by D'Laarni Ortiz on 31 January 2023

The Digital Therapeutics (DTx) market is expected to grow by over 30% in the next four years and Neeuro aims to be at the forefront in the area of attention training for children with attention deficit issues.  

To make this happen, Neeuro has been scaling up in the global arena, establishing partnerships with various companies that are keen to bring the Cogo Attention Training Programme into their respective countries and have more children benefit from the solution.

Cogo is a game-based DTx solution that uses Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) technology. It came out of 10 years of clinical trials with children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), results of which showed statistically significant improvements.  

Recently, Singapore’s Institute of Mental Health, which sees thousands of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), partnered with Neeuro to bring the solution to its patients. 

Why Cogo is Important

Around 7.2% of the world’s children have ADHD, according to the United States Census Bureau. That’s about 129 million children. These children struggle – not just to keep focused on a task, but also in dealing with their emotions and in socializing with peers. If unaddressed, they could carry these struggles into adulthood and affect their quality of life.  

Neeuro wants to make a difference in their lives and is inviting like-minded companies to partner with us and make a social impact.  

Forging Partnerships to Address the Growing Brain Health Issues

This year, Neeuro is also gearing up to grow in other DTx areas of brain health by becoming the platform of choice of developers for their applications. NeeuroOS is Neeuro’s platform that provides users access to raw EEG data captured by SenzeBand 2 along with brainwave frequencies, mental states, and more, which they can use to develop their own solutions.  

We are excited to work with organisations creating meaningful solutions such as those improving people’s emotional states, enhancing individuals’ performance (such as for athletes or in various work settings), or recovering from cognitive impairments.  

Expanding Access to NeeuroFIT

As more countries are seeing an ageing population, Neeuro is also building up usage of the NeeuroFIT for Seniors Brain Training Courses to help address the different challenges faced by the different stakeholders in this segment. NeeuroFIT is an interactive cognitive training course that helps users see improvements in their attention, memory, spatial ability, decision making, and cognitive flexibility.

We have been certifying trainers and partners for NeeuroFIT and are keen to certify more as we expand access to the curriculum across different age groups - children, professionals, and seniors. 

Also, as NeeuroFIT is powered by Neeuro’s Memorie app, users can expect feature updates and more language support this year.  

Galini Upcoming

While many are missing Galini’s availability for SenzeBand 2, we are working hard to have it available in the early part of this year.  

Key Milestones in 2022

Of course, these aspirations for the year would not be possible if not for the key milestones achieved in 2022.  

Neeuro 2022 Milestones

Also key to our growth are seasoned and new talents joining on board such as our Chief Operating Officer, Michelle Ho, who brings to Neeuro her vast corporate experience, encompassing sales, marketing, and business operations. Michelle also has a strong passion for healthcare, innovation, talent development, and transformation.  

Cognitive Psychologist, Darwina Binte Azmi, has also joined Neeuro’s journey last year. Darwina comes with over 8 years experience in the field of psychology. She started clinical work with seniors in a psychiatric nursing home and today, she has expanded her experience to include providing consultancy and facilitating mental wellness culture in the corporate sector as well as leading the implementation of the Cogo Attention Training Programme.

Late last year we also welcomed Ling Xiao, our China Business Development Director. She is based in Beijing and will be spearheading our growth strategy in the Greater China Region. She comes with 18 years of diverse work experience in business development, sales, and operations. 

All these laid out, the year ahead is indeed an exciting period for us, and we invite you to come and join us in this growth. 


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