7 Ways to Increase Brain Productivity

Posted by Gina Lumauig on 28 June 2016

Manic Monday. Terrible Tuesday. Wicked Wednesday. Thirsty Thursday. Yey It’s Friday! This sums up our normal week, both at work and at home. Weekends are of course the best days of the week as we get to relax, put our feet up and (try not to) think of deadlines, projects, meetings. So what do we do when the dreaded Manic Monday comes creeping in? And once it does, how do we deal with the coming Terrible Tuesday?

Much as we like to put our brain in maximum mode, we do experience an overload, get overwhelmed, and wish we can just laze by the beach and sip pina colada. Unfortunately, we do need to beat that deadline, and be in our best productive self.

Here are several ways to increase brain productivity which we can follow especially on those days that we seem lethargic, uninspired or stressed out. 7 Ways for the 7 Days.


When you are frustrated because the office internet is very slow and you cannot complete your task, or your teenage son refused to fix his room because well, he does not want to, why not take a walk, a quick run, or get on the treadmill and sweat out your frustration? Chances are you will get out of it a bit more patient, a bit more understanding, able to eventually complete your task and perhaps be able to explain to your son the importance of a clean room (good luck!).


To the homemakers and virtual office works, and even to those in office cubicles, why not try rearranging your work space? No need to repaint or buy new furniture. Get fresh flowers, take out those photos of your kids or your pet animals, light a fragrant candle. Or, if possible, go to the nearby cafe and set up office there for the day. People-watch while you are at it, and work your imagination.


And we are not talking about fancy lighting, mind you. Science says that waking up early makes one more productive, as the natural morning light increases and helps boost our productivity. Of course, for those in office cubicles, or who do not have the luxury of getting natural sunlight, having the proper lighting while spending hours in front of the computer helps us think well.


For the non-believers, coffee is a brain booster. In moderation, of course. Coffee stimulates the release of the neurotransmitter dopamine. Caffeine in coffee is then considered as the most widely consumed psychoactive substance in the world.

According to the International Coffee Organization, people drink an average of 1.4 billion cups of coffee a day! Whether black, with sugar, with cream, fresh milk, latte, cappuccino, espresso, on ice, people treat this drink as part of their daily life, and helps them become much more productive.


We get moments at work and at home when we are stumped (my brain is not working!), we are angry at someone, or are simply frustrated. We need a brain booster aside from caffeine and that walk to help us sweat.

An innovative product has been introduced in the market that helps us achieve a healthier mind. The Neeuro Senzeband is a brain fitness solution that trains and tracks your mental state. Sleek in design, easy to wear, this headband is paired with an app called Neeuro Memorie with games that are neuroscience-designed, with the objective of exercising the brain. It is fun as you play, measure and strengthen your brain.


Nuts, chocolates, fruits, whole grains, vegetables, and more nuts. These are the powerhouse brain boosters. So when 3 o’clock strikes and you feel the physical self losing its energy, grab some of your munchies and snack away! Before you know it, you have completed your work and it is 5 o’clock!


It is Wicked Wednesday and you are still in the middle of crafting your new project proposal and yet, the brain is not cooperating. How about have a chatty and productive break during lunch with a friend? You not only catch up on the latest news, that welcome meet-up will help perk your day and help you complete your tasks. Nothing like surrounding yourself with positive people who lift you up.

So those are the 7 ways to face the dreaded days when your brain seems to shut off. For sure there are a lot more ways you have followed for a mental boost. After all, we all embrace a happier life and a healthier mind!

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