The Use of EEG Waves in Brain Activity Monitoring and Measurement

Posted by Will Capulong on 6 October 2020


The human brain is an amazing part of the body that’s responsible for very complex functions, such as directing movements, remembering things, controlling emotions, understanding the different signals received by our senses, or controlling our bodily functions. To do all these, brian cells communicate with each other 24/7 through electrical signals. And measuring these signals has become an important tool in the medical field for understanding different neurological conditions. These brain signals are tracked and recorded through an Electroencephalogram (EEG) test, or EEG Waves Test. It is mainly used to detect seizures, monitor, or diagnose any problems in the human brain such as anxiety or even create therapies to address different neurological challenges.


Using EEG Waves to Measure Electrical Activities of the Brain


Despite EEG’s daunting name, knowing the basics of it is surprisingly easy. EEG devices, like the Neeuro SenzeBand, are used to record brain frequencies. In essence, being able to record these EEG Waves can provide you with a visual representation of what is going on in your brain.

Represented by 5 types of EEG waves, each has its importance in brain activity analysis and is triggered by age, brain status:


  1. Gamma waves are responsible for cognitive functioning, learning, memory, and information processing
  2. Beta waves are involved in conscious thought and logical thinking and tend to have a stimulating effect.
  3. Alpha waves are most prominent in occipital derivations and attenuated by eye-opening.
  4. Theta waves are classified as a quiet activity and may appear normally during relaxed wakefulness.
  5. Delta waves are associated with the deepest levels of relaxation and restorative, healing sleep.

Image from Phakkharawat Sittiprapaporn. Read their full academic paper here.


The Importance of EEG Waves and EEG Tests


EEG waves are used to interpret and record brain processes, monitor the brain’s current state, whether it is active or awake, or when it is drowsy or has only limited activities. The EEG waves help experts analyze brain processes, determine possible causes of underlying symptoms caused by a disruption in the brain, measure the capability of a brain, and more.

EEG tests for the brain are readily available in medical institutions for each age bracket. EEG for the brain can diagnose two stages of dementia, seizures, and now there is an EEG device that is found useful for ADHD symptom management. EEG tests can determine the ADHD stage to create a more effective program to help cure it.

However, these tests can be costly for many or they can also be too difficult to interpret. Some people just want simple tools that help them understand their brain, whether they are being attentive or relaxed while doing an activity.


Record your EEG Waves Anywhere

The Neeuro SenzeBand is an EEG device that’s made available to the public. Apart from showing EEG frequency waves, the Neuro SenzeBand also interprets these brain waves into more meaningful data for ordinary users. The Neeuro SenzeBand safely measures brain signals and activities using dry electrodes, which are proven safe and efficient in capturing brain signals. It has been tested with the help of medical professionals to ensure that the data is accurate and of medical grade.

Combining EEG Wearables with Apps Can Help Improve the Quality of Life

One popular use of the Neeuro SenzeBand is its ability to help people calm down and sleep better when paired with its stress management and relaxation app called Galini. It allows users to measure, manage, and ultimately lower stress levels via exercises for Listening, Breathing, and Moving.

Real-time feedback from the SenzeBand enables the Galini app to adapt the exercises according to the mental state of the individual to achieve the best results. Galini can also help unlock mindfulness and improve the user’s focus.


Neeuro Now Accepting Business Partnerships for its EEG Waves Measurement Technology

The demand for brain fitness has risen due to the increase in the awareness of ADHD/ADD, learning disorders, memory loss, brain injuries, and many others. Interested in becoming a pioneer in the next big wave of EEG wearable technology?

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