Mindfulness is Love: EEG Solutions for Mental Wellness

Posted by Gina Lumauig on 1 March 2022

As we wrapped up February, the month of hearts, and start the new month of March, we continue to focus on being mindful of our state of physical and mental health. There are 5 tips to self-love that we wrote about, which start with taking that annual physical check-up, because with the assurance that we are in tip-top shape then everything else follows: peace of mind and an inspired disposition in whatever else we do.

The other four tips are: revisit your eating habits; be grateful; treat yourself; and do something for a healthier mind. The last tip is a reminder that in addition to being physically healthy and fit, our mental wellness should also be a priority.

What steps can we take to be in tip-top shape mentally? An article from mindful.org writes about meditative awareness, not just to maintain our sanity, but also to deal with stress and other challenges we face. Practicing meditation, according to the article, is an act of radical love since it entails being loving and kind to oneself, and paying attention to the tiniest details of quiet and solitude, including and especially the way you breathe.

A recent article in insciter.com, meanwhile, discusses how brain computer interfaces (BCIs) are making a big difference in healthcare, with various solutions being available across the world.

BCIs decode general brain activity, such as stress and concentration, by using a device with electrodes touching the scalp. The brain information can then be used to help improve cognitive health. The article included NeeuroOS by Neeuro, that enables developers and partners to build brain-related applications.

How else can we address and maximise our neurological agility?

The use of electroencephalogram (EEG) solutions has been found to help our cognitive abilities such as attention, relaxation, mental workload, fatigue, stress, and many more. SenzeBand 2, a portable, non-invasive EEG device is able to capture brain signals and provide real-time feedback. It consists of 7 dry electrodes with five located on the prefrontal cortex (forehead sensors) and two temporal lobe sensors, designed for better connectivity. There is also a sensor that monitors heart rate and oxygen levels, for better insight into one’s overall health.

With a revolutionary device such as the SenzeBand 2, mental wellness is now within anyone’s reach, with the objective of ensuring that our loved ones, and ourselves, will be more mindful of not just our physical well-being, but of our mental well-being as well.

Galini by Neeuro helps in stress management and relaxation. For brain training, Memorie by Neeuro trains our cognitive skills for more efficiency and mental wellness. Achieving a stronger and healthier brain is definitely possible nowadays.

When we seek solutions to care for ourselves and our loved ones, that is love. Mindfulness is indeed, an act of love.

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