Singapore Polytechnic Creates a Robot for ADHD in Children

Posted by Kelly Choo on 28 February 2018


Fortunately, we had the pleasure of assisting Singapore Polytechnic students over the past few months. The students are Valent, Denzil, and Yong Kang. Systemically, Neeuro helped them invent a robot using our SenzeBand and MindSync applications. First, the robot was designed with a very special purpose. It is, to cure ADHD in children through learning and studying better by monitoring their focus. Then, levels of improvement can be tracked through data stored within the app.

To learn more, check out this special project as featured on the Straits Times.

Want to create similar projects? Check out our package, NeeuroEDU - a Programming Kit offered to schools. Above all, the package combines brainwave technology with robotics for fun projects. Similarly, NeeuroEDU provides a great platform for students to grow their interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Finally, it creates a fun environment to learn, create and innovate.

Even more, with using the latest technology, we also foresee future use cases. Also, our combined knowledge of how important cognitive development helps a lot in foreseeing these future cases. Notably, these cases are in augmented/virtual reality and phobia management. Globally, Neeuro works with partners such as training providers. Additionally, Neeuro also works with technology system integrators and schools to benefit children. Using modern solutions for cognitive training, Neeuro emphasizes and hones ognitive skills such as attention and memory.

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