Supercharging Your Children’s Learning and Thinking: Possible?

Posted by Will Capulong on 10 December 2018


A fast-paced world enunciates time, and again that survival of the fittest is the key to great learning and thinking. It is not easy to run the race without honing the skills. The world assures that children who are trained to think laterally and learn beyond the books are the real achievers.

Who doesn’t like the kids that are active and can think ahead? However, is it possible to ensure all the kids can reach the summit? Here comes brain training. Yes, it is possible to supercharge the learning and thinking of your kids with simple means.


The aim of gaming apps for learning and thinking:

learning and thinking

Cognitive skills of children can be boosted through video games that are designed to boost the memory and problem-solving skills of the kids. The logic behind brain training is simple. It is equally significant to train your brain for learning and thinking as you do with your body. The more it is trained, the better their performance will be.

Unfortunately, the health of the brain takes a back seat, in the majority of the population. Being successful for a long term has a lot to do with the brain training, learning and thinking. When done through a tuned and scientific channel, brain training can bring in a bunch of benefits.

Your child’s way of learning and thinking can be enhanced through a lot of today’s technology. You can supercharge that through a variety of ways. Have you heard of brain training? The kind in which you’re able to engage in activities designed to strengthen cognitive skill. There are different programs out there with different activities and exercises designed to enhance a lot of cognitive functions. These allow you to do the following:

  1. Pay attention better
  2. Quick processing of knowledge
  3. Retain your memory
  4. Learn and remember more
  5. Be able to shift focus effectively


Does Brain Training really work in improving our learning and thinking?

learning and thinking

It is quite natural to wonder if these brain training apps and games work. Yes, tons of millions of people across the world invest time in such apps and games for learning and thinking believing that their brains get the required exercise. Money and time involved in surplus, it is not quite possible to stay away from controversy. Studies have proved that the executive functions of the brain are enhanced through these games and apps for supercharging the brain.

The positive impact in learning and thinking is also seen on the working memory and speed of processing thoughts. These positive effects can be seen in children. Furthermore, even elders see the benefits of improved cognitive skills when they spend time on brain training apps. Brain training apps are not generalized but have a range of games that would suit the minds of young people of all walks of life.

These brain training games are hard to resist. It’s a means of improving memory, learning and thinking especially as they grow older. It is in this space where products from Neeuro, the tech-based brain training program, aim to do.


How useful is Brain Training in schools and academics for learning and thinking?

learning and thinking 2

In fact, the pros of brain training are well acknowledged that these apps have found place in the schools as well. A number of pros of listed for using the brain training apps in schools. Learning and thinking is more efficient as the underlying cognitive skills are sharpened. This implies academic achievements are easy to accomplish. It can be seen in many schools, economically underprivileged students have lesser exposure and this can affect their cognitive skills development.

When the apps for brain training are, their learning and thinking process gets a new hope. In students with learning disability, these apps and games come to the rescue of identifying the condition earlier. Moreover, these may help them to grow along the peers. Processing speed of the brain, working memory, and re-mediating attention are on the cards when brain training apps are used in schools.


Replace other learning tools for learning and thinking?

learning and thinking 3

Brain training games are available not to replace any learning and thinking tool but to support what has already been practiced in school. These games are made ready for schools to improve students’ learning. It’s crucial to train the skills to improve cognitive function. Brain Training carries the idea that children’s brains can be sharpened through simple games that help optimize the brain for learning. It is true that well-developed brain games can “train your brain”. 

This is because the brain is always learning based on the setup. It is meant to simulate learning and thinking. Brain training activities present children with memory games, challenges that require fast reaction, logic puzzles. These programmes typically present children with memory games, logic puzzles, or even just games that require a fast reaction.

Activities like these are engaging and a repetition of practice would guarantee an improvement of the children’s overall cognitive, learning and thinking function, over time. One’s game performance may improve, though it does not necessarily mean that the skills will automatically be enhanced.


Developing Skills for learning and thinking

learning and thinking 4

Game developers that aim to improve learning and thinking through repetition of a certain cognitive skill can help children or students improve their performance over time. More so, most children appeal to these games which have a fun learning experience to bring home. What’s different about these programmes is how they’ve been deliberately designed to impact on our academic abilities. For games to be effective, it must go beyond a simple approach.  

The indicator here is that kids’ brains are susceptible to change, even outside the classroom. Successful games are developed to hone their minds into processing information and using it as a resource in solving puzzles, which is also being practiced in school. In fact, brain training to improve learning and thinking is already happening in modern classrooms!


Kill monotony for learning and thinking

learning and thinking 5

Students are burdened with academic subjects that actually should improve their brain’s learning and thinking capacity. Unfortunately, young minds often find academics stressful. Stress due to studies is seen even in children in primary schools. These apps help in identifying their area of interest and help them cope with the emotions.

Pattern recognition and attention improving games not only help in engaging children while they play them but also ensure that learning and thinking new ideas and concepts are made easy. This, in turn, has a huge impact that is positive in their academic education. The brain training games are stress busters for kids in school.

It should also be taken into note that engaging all children in the classrooms is a difficult task. Continuous learning and thinking hours in the schools can only make their days dull and boring. It is not a surprise to see monotony leading to sleepy children. When the brain training games are used, they motivate the children and refreshes the mind.


Academic achievements accomplished with ease in improve learning and thinking

Academic achievements accomplished with ease

Not only, the slow learners are benefited from these apps, it is also the bright students get their due. The brilliant kids are often the toughest to handle. They require challenges to be thrown at them, and they would be in hungry for new information. When exposed to brain training for learning and thinking, they get to play games and face challenges of higher level, and they keep moving on.

This means, they enjoy the challenges and keep learning new ideas and concepts. Not only academic perfections are to be appreciated. These apps help train flexible learning and thinking, planning and controlling the minds of the children. This paves way for self-regulation in young minds, shaping them to be more self-disciplined and assures improved behaviour.


Neeuro Brain Training Apps for a better learning and thinking

learning and thinking 7

The brain training apps not only help in shaping the young minds, but also aids in keeping the elders occupied, and keep them off from losing memory. It is quite natural to be forgetful as one grows older. But, do you know engaging in various activities can help one postpone aging of the brain? This is where the implication of the Neeuro comes into the picture. It has brain training tasks for everyone to improve learning and thinking.

While it offers regular stimulation for healthy minds for the elders, there are lots of programs for the young kids. The app has games for younger children of age group of 6 to 12, where attention and memory boosting gains the priority. This gaming app also helps in improving their cognitive learning and thinking skills. A SenzeBand is available to control a few games, and the same can also be put to use to detect the mental workload and the attention states


NeeuroFIT for Children's Learning and Thinking

For the budding geniuses, the NeeuroFIT comes to aid. This is helpful in areas where high processing is involved. For instance, learning and thinking about new mathematical concepts. The overall motto is to ensure the academic skills of the kids are enhanced while there is no compromise on mental wellness and family bonding. ADHD medicine is being studied for children who are having issues with attention.


The NeeuroEDU Programming Kit for learning and thinking

NeeuroEDU provides a great platform for students to grow their interests in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics), by incorporating fun into learning and thinking.

This helps children to engage their minds with complex puzzles, enhance the cognitive skills used for the solving problems and impact their overall growth. Children will be equipped with the skills to take on knowledge to improve cognitive skill, make sense of information and be able to use that to solve problems through STEM. Learn more about the ways to improve your child’s overall performance.


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