8 Reasons Why Handwriting is an Essential Brain Exercise

Posted by Gina Lumauig on 3 June 2016

Summer break is about to end for some students and as they prepare for the school opening, expect an onslaught of writing - from note-taking to quizzes to papers due.

Looking forward or not?

Parents of course should encourage their children to look forward to school, as it helps them gain much more knowledge, and teach them the necessarily skills needed as they grow and become whoever they want to be.

In our digital world, however, it may be more tempting to let our children be more dependent on the digital gadgets to help them get through school requirements. Nothing wrong with that of course. But for the basics - even from elementary, or as early as nursery school - learning the alphabet, and learning to write the 26 letters, it is necessary to let them learn, and be confidently be at ease with learning to write by hand. It as an essential brain exercise, after all, as these 8 reasons show.

Read on this blog and find out why people tend to be more creative and knowledgeable once they are comfortable with handwriting. Cognitive and language development are key to writing by hand, so starting them young is good.


This article written a year ago, using yes, the good old pen and paper, has been shared over 60,000 times and commented on by people of all ages, from an 80-year old retired teacher who says he still writes his children and grandchildren handwritten Christmas cards with updates of how his year went, to young mothers saying it keeps them in touch with their sanity to write in their journals every so often. Even a 20-something college student mentioned that he feels his grades are above average because he still takes down notes during lectures on his notebook (the real notebook, not the digital one) which makes him think better especially once he reviews and studies them later on. Educators have shared this article as something to “bookmark” for reference.

Nothing to lose by trying it, really. Go ahead, write that postcard and send it. Write that love letter and keep it. Write your thoughts spontaneously and laugh about it years from now. Just write. In long hand.

Do share us your thoughts and personal experiences why writing by hand strengthens your mind. We advocate brain training for a healthier mind and want to hear from you.

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