Fun and Wholesome Learning Videos for Kindergarten and Pre-Schools

Posted by Will Capulong on 14 December 2018


A child's formative years of 0-6 years are where the highest amount of "learning" happens. Every parent seems to know this by using Learning Videos for Kindergarten. So, there is the basic expectation for a kindergarten or pre-school to provide the best learning opportunity! Every child is unique, what interests one child might not interest another. Each kid processes information in their own way. The child may have one or more of the following preferred style of learning:


10001Visual - Learning Videos for Kindergarten as Spatial Learning

Also termed as Spatial learning. Kids who love to see and learn come under this category. Kids with this preferred style of learning thrive when pictures or images are used.





10002Auditory - Learning Videos for Kindergarten as Verbal Learning

Also, known as Verbal learning. The kids who learn very well leveraging both spoken and written words come under this category. This style helps a child who observes the most when words are used.





10003Kinesthetic - Learning Videos for Kindergarten as a tool for Movement Learning

Otherwise known as Physical movement learning and kids who prefer this mode of learning, assimilate knowledge through physical activity. In a kindergarten where Social learning is the norm, how do one design fun and wholesome learning experience?

Well, the answer is Learning videos! While using videos, the Visual learners benefit with the images. The Auditory learners hear and learn. The more the interactive the video is, the more it helps the Kinesthetic learners.

So, what choices does one have while looking for learning videos for Kindergarten? That too, one that has to reign in the kids' attention while also imparting them the knowledge.


Well, here is the list of Top 5 that we have curated as the best Learning Videos for Kindergarten and Pre-schools to use in their curriculum:


1) Learning Videos for Kindergarten #1: Let them know about their body

This is the first resource for learning videos for kindergarten. The internet is full of CSA awareness videos, but how to find the right one that appeals to the sensibilities of pre-schooler without being overwhelming? Well, we have made the job easier. Check out 'Safety Lessons On Child Sexual Abuse' 

This video lists the safe touch and unsafe touch with much clarity. It even comes with a safety quiz. The video scores well on the interactive aspect. So, it presents the perfect opportunity for the teacher to chip-in with their own insights.


2) Learning Videos for Kindergarten #1: Learn about animals with some fun videos

This is the second resource for learning videos for kindergarten. What appeals to a pre-schooler the most? We are sure animals figure in their top list. So, when there are learning videos about them, it sure would be super fun .National Geographic Kids has some excellent learning videos on animals.

If you are wondering which one to play among the hundreds of them, well check out our favorite on Dolphins. Learn more amazing facts about the bottle-nose dolphin. These under 2 minutes videos are educative while being fun to watch. As a parent, you will be flooded with requests for each of their favorite animals. Be prepared!



3) Learning Videos for Kindergarten #3: Explore zoo or the aquariums you might never visit

This is the third resource for learning videos for kindergarten. There are endless options available in today's world to tune into Live Webcams. The right place to start would be Aviary Cam <click this link>.

Choose between a Jelly Fish webcam or Open sea cam. Remember that these Live Cams are on Pacific Time. So, check the timezone differences before you schedule this wholesome learning video for your pre-schoolers.



pyramidcity4) Learning Videos for Kindergarten #4: Museum are boring, let’s take a bet

This is the fourth resource for learning videos for kindergarten. It is not strictly a video, but the wholesome learning one can have from this is phenomenal. How about visiting the world's most visited museum. Yes, welcome to Paris's Louvre Museum. The home to Mona Lisa offers virtual tours with excellent video clarity. The choice of choosing a direction or controlling movement allows a teacher much autonomy in presenting to the class in their own pace.

Check out Louvre Museum's virtual tours (click this link)! One can enjoy the Egyptian Antiquities with collections from the Pharaonic period. Bring the Sphinx to life for your little ones!


Capture-15) Learning Videos for Kindergarten #5: How about a tour to Paris

This is the last resource for learning videos for kindergarten. Is the virtual tour of Louvre having your class begging for more. Now that they have seen the museum, its time to see the whole city of Paris! Paris. These virtual field trips are a perfect way to explore the world without leaving the classrooms. One can see that the learning could be maximized when there is the ability in a child to have considerable <click this link>.

  • Concentration capacity
  • Ability to Memorize
  • Decision making capability
  • Spatial Capability
  • Cognitive flexibility

One might think that these cognitive skills are inborn and are difficult to acquire. However, these cognitive skills can be developed methodically if parents spend time on the right tools.


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