Become a Brain Guru by Promoting Cognitive Development in Children!

Posted by Will Capulong on 19 December 2018


If you want the best learning experience for you or for the youth, then you can be a brain guru by promoting cognitive development in children! Brain gurus prioritize learning and more importantly, learning styles which work for certain people. When you do become a brain guru, it’s good to adopt a lifestyle that is definitely pro cognitive development!


Let’s look into these ways in promoting cognitive development in children:

2-6Cognitive Development in Children Tip #1: Maximize brain nutrition

What we eat results to how healthy we become. Sometimes we could eat unhealthy food, but that’s always eaten in moderation. In moments of play, parents, guardians and grade school professionals shall consider starting a conversation by commenting on what they’re doing great then. Try adding on to what they are already thinking about to extend their learning to maximize cognitive development in children.




3-6Cognitive Development in Children Tip #2: Allow kids to try things themselves

Allow them to be hands-on or fully involved. Children learn best at play. They also learn a lot from interaction, social games and applying different learning techniques. Letting children try things themselves and providing positive feedback can reap real benefits. You may help them enhance what they can do through guidance and eventually improve the cognitive development in children.

Offer a hand to help them expand what they can do by themselves. And keep the interactions going back and forth without taking over. Every interaction is an opportunity to expand your child’s knowledge. Children have been growing since birth. They are always on the path to developing a sense of complexity in their lives. Eager to learn, challenge the status quo, and make sense of the world. This is when we know that cognitive development in children has improved.

4-5Cognitive Development in Children Tip #3: Cognitive Enhancements

Children’s cognitive skills are improved when they are able to formulate questions and find solutions by themselves or collaborate with others to solve problems. They become lifelong learners when they go through the process of questioning, discovery, reflection, evaluation and finding solutions.





5-3Cognitive Development in Children Tip #4: Learning and Thinking Skills

You can look into some ideas to use to help your child develop strong learning and thinking skills:

  • Cognitive development in Children Step #1: Assure your children that their thoughts and questions are valued through listening to their questions and statements carefully. This will develop a stronger sense of self-worth in them and approach challenges with confidence.
  • Cognitive development in Children Step #2: Upon hearing their feedback or answers you may follow them up through asking questions and set up opportunities to provoke your children to think for themselves. We can encourage them to come up with original ideas as a way to express authentic respect for their ideas.
  • Cognitive development in Children Step #3: Encourage your child to perform various methods for problem-solving. These methods could be through drawing, talking, using modeling clay to help your child to find a solution that works for him.
  • Cognitive development in Children Step #4: Take trips to interesting places such as your local museum, library, or local business to stimulate your child’s curiosity and sense of wonder. You can also ask them questions during your exploration while hearing out their feedback. Adventures like these can provide a learning experience for both of you.
  • Cognitive development in Children Step #5: Offer choices to them to inspire confidence and develop independent thinking.
  • Cognitive development in Children Step #6: Allow your children to play a variety of games to keep challenging their minds.
  • Cognitive development in Children Step #7: In choosing toys for your children, what promotes their cognitive development is to experience a variety of ways to play. Toys that allow children’s creativity and whatever gives them opportunities for problem-solving.


NeeuroFIT for Cognitive Development in Children

In promoting cognitive development, the NeeuroFIT is able to enhance your child’s brain power. This is helpful in areas where high processing is involved. For instance, finding solutions to solving problems. The goal here is to ensure that our mental development in children is enhanced while there is no compromise on mental wellness and family bonding.


The NeeuroEDU Programming Kit for Cognitive Development in Children

NeeuroEDU provides a great platform for students to grow their interests in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics), by including stimulating activities into learning. This helps children to engage their minds with complex puzzles, enhance the cognitive skills used for the solving problems and impact their overall growth.

Better attention means better learning. Children will be equipped with the skills to take on knowledge to improve cognitive development in children, make sense of knowledge from continuous learning and be able to use that to solve problems through STEM. Learn more about the ways to improve your child’s overall performance.


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