Memorie: Reviewed, Revised, Improved

Posted by Will Capulong on 3 March 2017

Having stressed, racked and packed our brains, we are pleased to announce that the revolutionary brain training app has been updated and upgraded. Connect your brainwave sensors and boost your memory with Memorie, which is now available on all Apple and Android devices! As long as you have fingers, your brain is not in trouble. Even then, we have games played solely with your mind power.

Brain Game Updates

We all love pretty things and so, we have improved our User-Interface (UI) and text display. It is now soothing to the eye and appealing to the brain! To be honest, it looks pretty amazing! Put aside your First Person Shooters and start with some brain games for kids, adults and the more-adult-than-adults. We promise you, playing this will not result in unhappy parents or spouses, in fact, they might even join you!

Unfortunately, many places provide less than perfect WiFi and we would rather not play through an intermittent connection nor burst our mobile data on games. We feel you and therefore Memorie is now playable offline. Thanks to our developers who work tirelessly, all game results, brain scores and training progress are saved and will automatically be uploaded when a good internet connection is present. Whether you live in a jungle or not, you can still receive optimum training for your precious brain!

Keep Your Expectations High

It is said that the greats never rest and we too never rest until we reach a state of product nirvana. In the next update, be sure to expect a new game on top of the 15 brain toughening games we already have. To top it off, there will be new simplified scoring to gauge your progress. Speak to us if you have any feedback or ideas by emailing us at Even just saying ‘hi’ would excite us.

We are inviting developers from all over the world to use our platform for developing their own apps and games. Find out more here.

We look forward to assisting you with your brain’s fitness!


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