Galini’s Move Exercise Can Help Working Professional Avoid Stress

Posted by Kelly Choo on 20 August 2018


It’s easy to feel stressed or overwhelmed with a busy work schedule. At times, we forget to look after ourselves for relaxation. For working professionals, it can sometimes feel that you have barely anytime to sleep and relax. In particular, long-term stress impacts our health if left unchecked.

Stress is a natural response that can actually be a helpful tool by triggering the acute “fight or flight” instinct. A combination of hormones and chemicals including Adrenaline and Cortisol from this reaction. These hormones allow us to be better equipped to deal with highly stressful or dangerous situations. Therefore, this should not be triggered too often in our daily lives for a prolonged period of time. Conversely, the state can develop to what's known as chronic stress where problems occur.  

Continued high levels of these chemicals and hormones can be harmful to the body. This, can lead to a weakened immune system, high blood pressure and cholesterol, and even gaining weight. Meanwhile, Cortisol may contribute to depression and interferes with the memory and capacity to learn. In effect, it makes your busy work life that much harder. Long term, the stress can manifest physically unless you find new ways to handle this daily.

Neeuro’s new solution to combat this is Galini. Galini is a Measurable Relaxation and Stress Management Solution that has one quality that others don’t. Being able to connect the Senzeband to the app, the user can see real-time data of their experience. Furthermore, it can track and adjust their relaxation and attention state. Stress is managed by users in suitable ways using 3 methods of relaxation: Listen, Breathe and Move.

The Move exercise is focused on 3 main concepts:

Galini Relaxation


1. Interactive Meditation

Unlike traditional meditation, this technique engages the senses by watching and listening to music. A study has shown that combining audio meditation with visual and touch makes Galini more effective. The meaningful feedback by game tells users if they are moving too fast or slow to promote mindfulness.

Relaxation Biofeedback Galini

2. Bio Feedbacks

This process allows users to learn how to change their attention and relaxation levels over time. Physiological activities are measured to give accurate real-time and post exercise feedback. Examples are Brainwaves, skin temperature, heart function, breathing and muscle activity. This level of measurement promotes a permanent solution for users. Over time, users understand how to improve their relaxation and attention states without the need for instruments.  


Galini Relaxation


3. Attention-Regulation Process

Using slow, gentle, and repetitive movements to cultivate mindfulness, users learn to self-regulate their attention supported by technology.

Using the Move method of relaxing regulates focus and increases awareness. It's because even though the exercises are mindless, they take the mind away from troubles to focus on something minute. Galini helps promote mindfulness which is a state of high relaxation and attention that is app-measured using the Senzeband. Likewise, it enables the users to have tangible data to see their progression. So, when you’re able to see before and after, you'll be able accurately track and improve your mindfulness and relaxation skills. Hence, the Senzeband offers a valuable opportunity to get this personalized feedback.

Because of that, this level of self-regulation will improve your attention at work and improve relaxation. If you want to be even more productive and less stressed at work, learn more about Galini! Check it out and see how Galini can aid in your better relaxation.


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