Stereogram: The All-Time Favorite Brain Teaser!

Posted by Kelly Choo on 21 October 2016


Brain Teaser for Adults: A stereogram is a multi-dimensional, graphic image that contains hidden images or text. The hidden content is usually 3D and can only be seen when viewed from the right visual and mental perspective. Stereograms let you practice brain-eye coordination, or visual cognition. The techniques to view a stereogram are actually pretty simple, but you may need patience and practice to be able to view the hidden images. Try it out for yourself with the image above!


A Good Brain Teaser for Adults: If you’re having some trouble, here are some tips that you can use to practice viewing stereograms:
  • Firstly, bring the image close to your eyes and relax as you look at the image.
  • At this distance, your eyes cannot focus on the image. Don’t try to scan the image for details. Let your eyes go out of focus and continue looking through the image, and not at any particular detail.
  • Continue relaxing and looking at the image the way you gaze into emptiness when daydreaming.
  • Then, slowly push the image away from you. All the while, try to keep your eyes unfocused. Don't focus on the stereogram until the hidden image has popped out. Eventually, you will see the 3D image.
  • Remember, it may take some time to master this skill the first few times, but most* people will be able to see the hidden content if they practice enough!

So can you figure out the hidden image in the stereogram? Leave your answers in the comment section below!

Stereogram credits: Scott Pakin

"In the the 2‑D image, a school of goldfish appears to move slowly in a wave pattern but is in fact quite stationary. (The optical illusion was inspired by Akiyoshi Kitaoka's Murasaki-imo wave. I enjoy many of Prof. Kitaoka's works.)"


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