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27 November 2023

Neuromarketing: Delving into the Consumer Mind to Craft Compelling...

In today's dynamic and competitive marketplace, understanding consumer behaviour is crucial for businesses to thrive. Neuromarketing, the convergence...

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27 November 2023

Imagine You Can Control That Robot with Your Mind Like in Star Wars...

In the realm of science fiction, we've often been captivated by the idea of controlling machines with our minds. While this may seem like a...

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27 November 2023

Unveiling the Power of EEG Data in Research: A Portable Solution with...

In recent years, the use of electroencephalography (EEG) data in research has experienced a surge in popularity. This non-invasive technique provides...

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23 November 2023

Alzheimer's Prevention: Empowering the Brain with Neurofeedback and...

November marks National Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Month in the US, a crucial time to raise awareness about this progressive neurodegenerative...

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17 November 2023

The Future of Sports Training: Integrating Neurofeedback Technology...

Any experienced, whether for physical sports or e-sports, knows well the importance of constant, repeated training to achieve peak performance.


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11 October 2023

What Is Neurofeedback? Harnessing Brain Potential for Better Health

As technology advances, so does our understanding of how our brains work. One such innovation is the use of neurofeedback, a type of biofeedback that...

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15 September 2023

Mindful Ageing: Embracing Change with Grace

Everyone ages, but the way we age sets us apart. Ageing isn't just about the physical and cognitive changes we undergo; it's also about how we...

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7 September 2023

Attention Span by Age: How It Changes Over Time

Attention span is a crucial cognitive function that influences our ability to focus, learn, and accomplish tasks effectively (Roth et al., 2020).As...

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31 August 2023

Understanding the Symptoms of ADHD in Children: Inattention,...

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is one of the most common neurodevelopmental disorders of childhood. It is usually first diagnosed in...

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24 March 2023

Is Brain Fog Affecting You? Learn the Science Behind It and How...

Struggling to remember details or feeling a bit sluggish when tackling tasks that used to be easy? You may need some clarity and it could be time for...

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22 February 2023

Attention Span is Key to Effective Learning - A Mom's Insight

Raising boys can be demanding and exhausting for most parents. I am a mother of two young boys (6 and 12 years old), who are physically active and...

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9 February 2023

Confusing ADHD with Learning Disabilities? Take a 5-Minute QuickScreen

Learning disabilities is an umbrella term for a range of learning issues that a child may face. Even though a learning disability may be typically...

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31 January 2023

Neeuro Strengthens Its Position in Digital Therapeutics

The Digital Therapeutics (DTx) market is expected to grow by over 30% in the next four years and Neeuro aims to be at the forefront in the area of...

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19 January 2023

4 Tips to Aid Emotional Regulation in a Child with Attention Disorders

Every child experience all sorts of positive and negative emotions as they go on with their day. However, this experience can be more challenging for...

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12 January 2023

Setting Your Child Up To Be Mentally Healthy

January is said to be the most depressing month for some people as they find themselves going back to reality after all the merrymaking. This is why...

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25 May 2022

Improve your Child's Mind Power with these Tricks!

The power of the mind is not only about the brain - it’s really about one's whole life! Mind power is not the kind of power that will let you...

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18 May 2022

3 Scientifically-Proven Ways to Improve Children's Attention Span

The world is constantly changing with the advancement of technology. Technological advancements produce both positive and negative effects on...

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12 May 2022

How Cognitive Training is Helpful for Behavior Management

‘Cognition is defined as the act or process of knowing. Cognitive skills are therefore those skills which make it possible for us to know. In 1952,...

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5 May 2022

Managing Attention Deficit Issues with Innovative EEG Technology

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), a cognitive disorder that afflicts around 129 million children globally (or up to 7.2% of children...

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20 April 2022

Millions of Indian Children (and Parents) Struggle with ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD is a cognitive disorder that afflicts approximately 2-7% of children globally. ADHD prevalence in...

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12 April 2022

3 Cognitive Strategies that will Help Any Student Learn Fast

Humans are amazing creatures because we adapt to various challenges with versatility. The reason why we survived and dinosaurs did not is simply...

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6 April 2022

Prefrontal Cortex Exercises that Improve Memory and Attention

'Use it or lose it'. The same is true for the prefrontal cortex. We often forget that our brain like our body needs exercise for it to be healthy...
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24 March 2022

Do I Have Dementia? The Ultimate List of Dementia Tests

Every 3 seconds, there's someone who develops dementia around the world. This is according to the Annual World Alzheimer's Report. Memory loss...

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22 March 2022

Keeping Dementia at Bay: Brain Training and other Helpful Tips

We tip our hats and recognize all the trailblazing women this International Women’s Month, celebrating especially those who have made a mark in our...

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9 March 2022

Celebrating Women: 5 Things to Do Today

March 8 is International Women’s Day, a global day for celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. With this...

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1 March 2022

Mindfulness is Love: EEG Solutions for Mental Wellness

As we wrapped up February, the month of hearts, and start the new month of March, we continue to focus on being mindful of our state of physical and...

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16 February 2022

5 Tips to Self-Love: The Road to a Healthier Mind

We may have been inundated this past week with messages and posts about love because after all, it is the month of love. And Valentine’s Day being...

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31 January 2022

New and Renewed in 2022: Confidently Managing Brain Health

We welcome the Lunar New Year, the year of the Tiger this first week of February. It is said that this will be a year for gaining back our strength...

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26 January 2022

Neeuro CEO on the Future of Digital Therapeutics

We welcome the new year with some trepidation because of the continued threat of the pandemic on our physical and mental health. In my first article,...

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20 January 2022

Exciting Milestones for Neeuro in 2021

No doubt the past two years have been tough for many companies. For Neeuro, the pandemic meant delays in the production of our flagship product,...

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6 January 2022

Neeuro CEO on Managing Mental Health During the Pandemic

Welcoming 2022 with another threat of a new Covid variant brings so much anxiety to many of us. While we have been hoping for an end to the pandemic...

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30 December 2021

Neeuro CEO on Coping with Pandemic Health Challenges

It has been almost two years since the pandemic started and we have been living with lockdowns, travel restrictions, and a sense of anxiety around...

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23 December 2021

Hopeful and Healthy: Be Fit with NeeuroFIT

As we wind down the holiday season, we realize this is the second year that things have not been normal; in fact, it may never be. The Covid-19...

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14 December 2021

6 Ways to Thank Caregivers to Aid their Mental Well-Being

They say that one of the most thankless jobs is one who cares for a loved one or a patient. These are the nurses, the caregivers, parents looking...

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1 December 2021

5 Mental Health Breaks for Caregivers (and Anyone Needing One!)

November is National Family Caregivers Month and this year’s theme is “Caregiving Around the Clock.” Yes, caregiving is indeed a 24/7, tough job....

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5 November 2021

Managing ADHD Through Digital Treatments and Solutions

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), a neurodevelopmental disorder marked by an ongoing pattern of chronic inattention and/or...

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21 October 2021

Celebrities with ADHD: Living Well and Thriving with ADHD

October is ADHD Awareness Month. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a neurodevelopmental disorder, and one of the more common mental...

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11 October 2021

October 10 is World Mental Health Day

The daily stresses of our lives have been a big contributing factor in our mental health. Last year, with the pandemic hitting the world, creating...

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21 September 2021

9 Tips for Coping with Dementia

Alzheimer’s Disease is the most common cause of dementia. While Alzheimer’s is a specific disease; dementia is not.

In 2021, we celebrate the 10th...

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14 September 2021

When Memories Fade: Managing Alzheimer’s Disease

September is World Alzheimer’s Month, and this year marks the 10th year that the international campaign is being observed, to create awareness and...

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7 September 2021

Aging Gracefully: Optimizing Brain Training for Seniors

The great writer Mark Twain said, “Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been,” pertaining to people who are advancing in age. While we...

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27 August 2021

Coping With and Managing ADHD Through Brain Training and EEG Devices

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is one of the more common mental disorders affecting children. A complex neurodevelopmental disorder...

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19 August 2021

Understanding Electroencephalogram (EEG) for Better Brain Health

Our brain may be the most complicated part of our body, containing hundreds of billions of cells interlinked through trillions of connections. How...

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13 August 2021

Develop Your Cognitive Skills with the All New Neeuro SenzeBand 2

Five cognitive pillars

Attention, decision making, flexibility, memory, and spatial ability. These are the five cognitive pillars which, once...

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4 August 2021

Introducing SenzeBand 2

Yoga guru BKS Iyengar said, “Health is the state of complete harmony of mind, body, and spirit.” So, we need to ensure that we do not neglect our...

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26 July 2021

Stress Management in the Time of Corona: We Can Overcome

We can and we will. This is the mantra of a single parent who is wading through challenges since the pandemic struck. Aside from the sudden...

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8 October 2020

Tips to Avoid the Common Side Effects of ADHD Medications

Parents, did you know that if you have children younger than 6 years old who are living with ADHD, it is recommended that you undergo training on...

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6 October 2020

The Use of EEG Waves in Brain Activity Monitoring and Measurement

The human brain is an amazing part of the body that’s responsible for very complex functions, such as directing movements, remembering things,...

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24 August 2020

How to Help Your Children Focus at Home

More and more parents are facing difficulties in making their children focus on their studies and other activities, especially at home. It appears...

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13 August 2020

Top 3 Attention Brain Training Games for Children in 2020

Today’s children are facing a difficult situation without them knowing. Have you noticed the seemingly increasing participation in children...

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6 August 2020

Unlock Your Child's Brain Power with these Sleep Tips!

Until the ages of four, a child's brain undergoes rapid growth and change. As parents, it is crucial to ensure that they have everything they need...

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24 February 2020

Brain-Computer Interface to Help Boost Your Patients' Attention!

Feedback is a powerful signal and is instrumental in improving oneself. Because it identifies the areas of improvement which would enable us to...

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28 December 2019

Intense Kid Math Brain Teasers Perfect for Genius Students!

Mathematics for kid math brain teasers: Almost every person in the world is on social media . Many were found laughing while holding their phones...

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28 November 2019

How to Improve Your Students' Cognitive Skills

Did you know that 'How to Improve Your Students' Cognitive Skills' is one of the most searched terms by teachers and educators? School can be the...

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23 August 2019

Top Study Tips for Students Below 8 Years Old

Study Tips and Study Habits for Children Below 8 Years Old

All parents wish that their child excels in all spheres of life. While your child may...

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19 June 2019

Top 5 Modern Trends in Education

Modern Trends in Education

What are your memories of a classroom before these trends in education came about?

The things I remember vividly with...

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17 June 2019

Cognitive Effects of Occupational Stress To Your Employees

Cognitive Effects of Occupational Stress to Your Employees

‘Stress’ a most frequently used word in our everyday life affects employee morale and...

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28 May 2019

Why Puzzles are Awesome for Mental Health

It’s been a hectic day in the office, and it’s left you mentally drained and exhausted. As much as you’re pushing yourself to do your best, too much...

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8 March 2019

Memory Test: 100 Random Spoken Numbers Challenge

Is it possible to memorize 100 random spoken numbers correctly? In this memory test video, we invited Kenneth Tan, an International Grandmaster of...

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13 February 2019

Best School Secrets for Smarter Students

Smarter Students molded from a Good School

Schools are the second home for children where they spend most of their time. They are molded,...

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7 February 2019

Parenting Guide: Developing Smarter Children

The Cambridge dictionary defines parenting as the raising of children and all the responsibilities and activities that are involved in it.


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1 February 2019

Children Learning 101: The Ultimate Guide!

The Process of Children Learning

What are the manifestations of your children learning? Imagine you're about to travel with your child and you...

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26 December 2018

How Understanding Children Psychology Will Help Save the Future!

Valuing the child’s mind and its development can lead to a promising growth for one’s overall childhood. Understanding children psychology will...

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19 December 2018

Become a Brain Guru by Promoting Cognitive Development in Children!

If you want the best learning experience for you or for the youth, then you can be a brain guru by promoting cognitive development in children! ...

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14 December 2018

Fun and Wholesome Learning Videos for Kindergarten and Pre-Schools

A child's formative years of 0-6 years are where the highest amount of "learning" happens. Every parent seems to know this by using Learning Videos...

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10 December 2018

How to Study Fast in Less Time

Everyone even myself asked the same question, 'How to Study Fast in Less Time?' back in my schooling days. Now, I look at my elder son sprawled on...

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10 December 2018

Supercharging Your Children’s Learning and Thinking: Possible?

A fast-paced world enunciates time, and again that survival of the fittest is the key to great learning and thinking. It is not easy to run the...

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10 December 2018

Top Kid Brain Games this 2019 [FULL LIST]

Kids are always cute! The things they do make us happy anytime anywhere. It is a universal fact that kids love to play. Gone are the days when the...

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5 December 2018

Use These Methods to Increase Teacher Effectiveness!

To achieve teacher effectiveness, we need to be efficient and effective in using the classroom. Great classroom management involves more things to...

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23 November 2018

ADHD Symptoms in Children: Early Signs and Treatment

As complex as it is, ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is something every parent and guardian must never overlook. A complex...

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21 November 2018

Dementia Medications to Avoid

Some medical conditions especially the degenerative ones aren’t very easy to treat. Dementia, which is as a degenerative condition, happens to...

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7 November 2018

Exercises For Seniors With Dementia You Can Facilitate

Our elderly loved ones can do so much in their day-to-day with just a bit more motivation. Keeping fit helps to keep the brain active and healthy....

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29 October 2018

Dementia Stages Calculator: Clinical Dementia Rating Tool

Consistent with the demographic trend of aging, dementia is expected to become more of a public health problem. As such, health professionals...

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12 October 2018

The Ultimate List of Stress Relief Games that Fight Off Aging

Have you ever encountered a Centenarian? Perhaps read about them in the news or magazine articles? A Centenarian is a person that has lived for at...

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23 September 2018

Brain Teasers - Stroop Test and Stroop Effect

Friday Brain Teasers: How Quickly Can You Process Two Different Streams of Information?


Prepare to time yourself, or...

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7 September 2018

Psychic Cyclist, the BCI Mobile Game That Trains Your Focus

Ever heard of brain-computer interface? Brain-computer interface (BCI), also known as a brain-machine interface (BMI), is a system that lets a person...

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20 August 2018

Galini’s Move Exercise Can Help Working Professional Avoid Stress

It’s easy to feel stressed or overwhelmed with a busy work schedule. At times, we forget to look after ourselves for relaxation. For working...

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28 June 2018

Tackling the Long-Term Effects of Stress with Galini

Have you ever found it hard to relax after school/work? Have you felt like constantly on edge because of that project? Or, is it because exams are...

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11 June 2018

Developing Spatial Awareness and its Impact on Children's Development

The executive function of the brain acts as an air traffic control system for everyone, especially in children. This part of the brain is...

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11 June 2018

How Cognitive Flexibility Can Make You (and Your Kids) More Productive

The executive function of the brain acts as an air traffic control system for children, guiding planes to easily take off and land, performing...

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14 May 2018

Focusing on Attention and Self-Regulation to Help Your Kids

We navigate situations every day using our executive function and self-regulation skills, but these are not something we are born efficient with....

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14 May 2018

The Impact of Decision Making on Children's Cognitive Function

For the mental processes responsible for dealing with multiple tasks, keeping focus, planning and working memory, we need to look towards the front...

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16 April 2018

Holistic Approach Can Create Long-Term Life Benefits

It’s not only important to give your children a head start academically, but also a holistic approach head start in life. This is where the...

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16 April 2018

Shifting Your Focus to Holistic Development for Your Kids

Raising children is a difficult task and it is only made harder by the cultural and societal differences for parents. There are many milestones...

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28 February 2018

Singapore Polytechnic Creates a Robot for ADHD in Children

Fortunately, we had the pleasure of assisting Singapore Polytechnic students over the past few months. The students are Valent, Denzil, and Yong...

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22 March 2017

Alzheimer's, a Pain in the Neck

Please, before anyone launches a scathing attack on me because of the title, hear me out. What I’m saying is that Alzheimer's is a pain in the neck...

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3 March 2017

Memorie: Reviewed, Revised, Improved

Having stressed, racked and packed our brains, we are pleased to announce that the revolutionary brain training app has been updated and upgraded....

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21 October 2016

Stereogram: The All-Time Favorite Brain Teaser!

Brain Teaser for Adults: A stereogram is a multi-dimensional, graphic image that contains hidden images or text. The hidden content is usually 3D...

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16 September 2016

Brain Teaser Friday - How Many Ways Can You Spell RADAR?

Did you know that brain exercises can benefit you in the long run? It helps you to hone your mental sharpness and retain brain health for your...

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19 August 2016

Friday Brain Teaser - Love in Kleptopia

For Friday Brain Teaser, we look at a very sweet puzzle, widely known as Love in Kleptopia.

I know what many of you are thinking - why doesn't Jan...

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3 August 2016

Fun Brain Games For Kids? 3 Proven Ways Helps Your Child

Are there really benefits in fun brain games for kids? A fun brain game could occupy their time, but would it be beneficial for learning? Are the...

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26 July 2016

10 Ways To Hack Into Your Happy Brain Chemicals

To be happy is a decision we must make. Happiness lies on our capacity to do things to trigger the happy chemicals in our brain. What are you doing...
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21 July 2016

Technology is Changing the Millennial Brain

Technology, is indeed changing all generations--may it be baby boomers, Gen Y, Gen X, and now the millennials. As pervasive as it is, we live and...
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28 June 2016

7 Ways to Increase Brain Productivity

Manic Monday. Terrible Tuesday. Wicked Wednesday. Thirsty Thursday. Yey It’s Friday! This sums up our normal week, both at work and at home. Weekends...

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3 June 2016

8 Reasons Why Handwriting is an Essential Brain Exercise

Summer break is about to end for some students and as they prepare for the school opening, expect an onslaught of writing - from note-taking to...

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31 March 2016

Woman vs Man: Who Excels in These 5 Cognitive Skills?

Brava!! We have just celebrated women this month of March, with March 8 being heralded as International Women’s Day. Despite the many barriers that...

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8 September 2015

Life Lessons from Oliver Sacks: Awakening, Breathing, Loving

The death of Oliver Sacks, neurologist, prolific writer, lover of life, has sparked endless tributes to a life certainly well-lived. He was 82, he...

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15 May 2015

8 Reasons Why Handwriting is an Essential Brain Exercise

Are you an old-fashioned hand writer, choosing this over the convenience of the keyboard? Would you rather write lists on a sheet of paper, than...

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