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Top Study Tips for Students Below 8 Years Old

All parents wish that their children excel in all spheres of life. While many children want to work in STEM-related fields, they tend to find subjects, such as math and science, boring. This shows that increasing a child’s interest could also increase their learning abilities.

Read the article and see how we highlight the best study tips for students and children below the age of 8!

Top 5 Modern Trends in Education

The whole education system is transforming with the evolution of technology and people’s perception of education. Just being a passive listener in a class and taking notes is not sufficient anymore. Interaction, collaboration, creative learning are becoming an integral part of learning. Kids expect to learn to be fun and exciting. The traditional classrooms are changing to “smart classrooms”. So, what are the new and modern trends in education?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Guide for Parents and Teachers

Table of Contents First Signs ADD vs. ADHD Difference between ADD and ADHD in a child Common Symptoms of ADHD ADHD in Societies Tests What causes ADHD? Medications Side effects Alternative treatments Non-Medical Interventions What happens if you do not treat ADHD? Teenagers with untreated ADHD...

Best School Secrets for Smarter Students

Smarter Students molded from a Good School Schools are the second home for children where they spend most of their time. They are molded, influenced and are taught to learn things at school. Eventually, they become smarter students. Important skills, apart from education are being imparted in...

Teacher-Student Relationship: The Ultimate Guide

Teacher-Student Classroom Relationship: What is it all about? Teachers play an essential role in the growth and personality development of a student, who finally become better individuals in the future. This is because of their key ability to reap the good and bad in kids helping them understand...

Parenting Guide: Developing Smarter Children

The Cambridge dictionary defines parenting as the raising of children and all the responsibilities and activities that are involved in it. According to Wikipedia, Parenting is the process of promoting and supporting the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development of a child from...

Children Learning 101: The Ultimate Guide!

The Process of Children Learning What are the manifestations of your children learning? Imagine you're about to travel with your child and you hear the following: "How does a train move?" "Why did it stop now?" "When did you get into the train first?" "What is a ticket?" "Who gave it?" Are these...

How Cognitive Training is Helpful for Behavior Management

‘Cognition’ is defined as the act or process of knowing. Cognitive skills are therefore those skills which make it possible for us to know. In 1952, French Psychologist Jean Piaget published a theory which placed great importance on the cognitive development and behavior management of...

How Understanding Children Psychology and Learning Will Help Save the Future!

Valuing the child’s mind and its development can lead to a promising growth for one’s overall childhood. Understanding children psychology will definitely help your kids achieve a brighter tomorrow.   The Meaning Of Children Psychology Children psychology is the study of the...

Top 10 Educational Children Video Games

Children video games are a trend nowadays. It is true that too much exposure on gadgets of children has an effect in their speech and mental development, but with the right moderation and children video game choices, everything will fall into the right place. There is technology and...
Memory Test: 100 Random Spoken Numbers Challenge

Memory Test: 100 Random Spoken Numbers Challenge

Is it possible to memorize 100 random spoken numbers correctly? In this memory test video, we invited Kenneth Tan, an International Grandmaster of Memory take up the challenge! Test Yourself: Take the Memory Challenge With Your Friends! Instructions: First, click the...

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Dementia Medications to Avoid

Some medical conditions especially the degenerative ones aren’t very easy to treat. Dementia, which is as a degenerative condition, happens to increase over time as earlier generations may have it more than the previous ones. Something about our lifestyle choices will...

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Health Professionals Seek New Ways to Fight Dementia

We all have come to know through our personal experience that dementia has posed a challenge to all. Today, health professionals are finding new ways to fight the condition. These new ways to confront this degenerative disease have been made possible if it weren’t for...

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Dementia Facts and Figures 2019 [Infographic]

Research shows that people currently living with dementia have not received any formal diagnosis. Since dementia is a syndrome caused by a variety of brain illnesses, early stages are usually difficult to diagnose. The condition affects one's memory, thinking,...

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Top 10 Educational Children Video Games

Children video games are a trend nowadays. It is true that too much exposure on gadgets of children has an effect in their speech and mental development, but with the right moderation and children video game choices, everything will fall into the right...

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Child Development Stages Schools Should Consider

Child development stages play a vital role in the growth and progression of a child regarding physical, mental and social well-being. Below are the four child development stages as identified by Jean Piaget. 1. Sensorimotor Child Development...

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