Transforming Pain Management: A Non-Opioid Alternative by AccendoWave and Neeuro

Posted by Joyce Mabale on 4 January 2024

In the United States, drug overdose deaths in 2021 exceeded six times the 1999 figure, with a more than 16% increase from 2020. Opioids were involved in over 75% of the nearly 107,000 deaths in 2021. (CDC

Pain, a primary healthcare cost driver, lacks visibility in claims data and electronic health records (EHRs). AccendoWave, with Neeuro's solution that uses EEG data, utilises full-spectrum brain analysis and deep learning to objectively monitor and distract patients from discomfort, addressing pain measurement biases. 


Pioneering Change in Redefining Pain Management 

Martha Lawrence, the CEO of AccendoWave partnered with Neeuro to address the pain bias problem and the significant opioid crisis in healthcare. AccendoWave, a Pain Data Company, identified a market need for a non-opioid alternative in health care settings to address the opioid crisis. They saw that pairing the AccendoWave app with the SenzeBand via NeeuroOS for a non-opioid alternative, utilising EEG data and personalised entertainment content to distract and alleviate pain. 

She stated, “I liked the fact that the Neeuro SenzeBand was sturdy and was done with scientific rigour of EEG data. We needed technology that would withstand the test of time and wouldn’t crumble in a week, and Neeuro’s Solutions meets all our criteria” when asked about what she liked about Neeuro’s Solutions. 

Martha shared that aside from being a non-pharma alternative using EEG data, they partnered with Neeuro due to its compute power, durability, stability, and comfort, which can still be observed even after 160 to 180 minutes of usage. To address hygiene concerns and enhance patient services, they installed charging stations for SenzeBand and UV-equipped tablets in hospital settings. 

AccendoWave's Solution Distracts Patients from Pain:

  • 90 percent enjoyed using it.
  • 81 percent said it helped them feel more comfortable.
  • 77 percent said it understood their level of discomfort.
  • 87 percent were happy with the content shown to them.


Future-Forward Healthcare 

AccendoWave currently uses Neeuro’s Solutions which utilises EEG data, both NeeuroOS and SenzeBand on their nine objective pain databases to validate pain. These databases cover Emergency Department, Maternal Health, Oncology, MSK, Medical Surgical, ICU, Women, Adults, and Seniors. Martha also shared that Neeuro’s Solutions are often being used in before and after procedures, but it varies from each department. Additionally, AccendoWave has three solutions available to their patients: Digital Opioid Alternative, Remote Pain Monitoring Technology, and the Largest Global Real-Time Objective Benchmarked Database on Pain. 

The partnership between AccendoWave and Neeuro has been successful. Martha shared a few of the successes that their company had with Neeuro’s Solutions. A few of these are being the Top 4 Global Best in Class Finalist - Health Equity, and being the Top 15 Global Best in Class Quarter Finalist - Remote Diagnostic Device

In addition, in an interview with KVTB News Group, they showed AccendoWave as an active comfort management technology using EEG data. After undergoing back surgery at West Valley Medical Center, patient Brad Young used AccendoWave and the SenzeBand for post-surgery recovery. Initially skeptical, Young found relief, appreciating its role in reducing medication reliance using EEG data. Former orthopaedic director Angie Davies also praised the technology for aiding medical staff, detecting symptoms early to alert healthcare professionals. 

As such, Martha expressed that she and her team wish to continue developing objective pain databases with Neeuro’s Solutions to respond to each emerging market needs, and to give great health care for their patients. 


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