NeeuroFIT Home

Think Clearer. Remember Better. Learn Faster.
NeeuroFIT Home is an instructor-led enrichment programme for fitter brains in 60 minutes a day, done at home.

Fitter Brains in just 60 minutes a day!

NeeuroFIT Home consists of 3 progressive courses that use carefully selected brain games that train cognitive skills such as attention, memory, decision-making, spatial skills, and mental flexibility.

The programme lets your child play fun, engaging, educational games to ensure that they achieve maximum gains in learning abilities.


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Establish basic learning abilities for doing well in school. Children will train in 4 games offering simple challenges in cognitive skills.

20221117_Website_NFIT Home_Game Icons_Farmhouse_114x114

Farmhouse Friends

20221117_Website_NFIT Home_Game Icons_Space 360_114x114

Space 360

20221117_Website_NFIT Home_Game Icons_Shopper_114x114

Supreme Shopper

20221117_Website_NFIT Home_Game Icons_Ducks_114x114

Sitting Ducks

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Level up learning abilities by adopting cognitive skills in simulated scenarios. Children will be introduced to mental flexibility with these games.

20221117_Website_NFIT Home_Game Icons_Who_114x114

Who’s Who

20221117_Website_NFIT Home_Game Icons_Word_114x114

What’s that Word

20221117_Website_NFIT Home_Game Icons_Sushi Recall_114x114

Sushi Recall

20221117_Website_NFIT Home_Game Icons_Junction_114x114

Junction Control

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Advanced course for experiencing the application of cognitive skills in a more complex, simulated environment.

20221117_Website_NFIT Home_Game Icons_Dots_114x114

Dot Connect

20221117_Website_NFIT Home_Game Icons_Multitask_114x114

Multi-task Master

20221117_Website_NFIT Home_Game Icons_Flower Garden_114x114

Flower Garden

20221117_Website_NFIT Home_Game Icons_Stargazer_114x114


A Fun and Beneficial Experience to your Children

In the programme, your child will undergo 24 guided sessions of fun and engaging brain training games and activities powered by Memorie Genius, where each 60-minute session runs twice a week for 12 weeks via the Zoom app.

Parents have found NeeuroFIT Home to be a useful tool in helping their children cope with the new normal environment by engaging them in productive and fun activities. With this, their children can now focus better, learn faster, and avoid careless mistakes, helping them to perform better in their academics.


Our solution enables children to develop their cognitive functions while staying at home through fun and engaging games developed by Neeuro together with neuroscientists. When your child enrolls for NeeuroFIT Home, they not only get to play games and achieve good games scores, they will also be trained to hone specific cognitive skills through repetition and goal setting. Parents are also kept informed on their child’s progress.

The results differ from person to person. Intensity and consistency of training matters,and whether the games are being played properly is another factor. Typically, at least 15 hours of training is required before improvement can be seen. That is why students are encouraged to progress to the rest of the courses under NeeuroFIT Home to fully benefit from the programme As cognitive skills such as focus, memory, decision-making, visual-spatial skills and serve as the basis of a child’s mental capabilities, continuous brain training to improve these functions could lead to better academic performance as the child learns skills for a higher attention span, reducing careless mistakes, and making decisions.

We encourage the child to attend each session as activities are different between sessions. However, should the absence be inevitable, there is a recap segment in each session wherein the child trains on the game from the previous session. It is important though that the child does not miss 2 consecutive sessions. The parent should inform the trainer ahead of the session if the child will be absent for that day.

While sustained training is encouraged, for this programme, the game play is limited to the actual sessions since we want the child to go through the proper training.

It is advisable that the child continues with the original schedule selected, however, should this really be a challenge, please contact Neeuro or its partner immediately so re-arrangements could be made.

Cognitive functions are the ways in which our brain operates. From sensory perception (your face senses), logic, and decision making, all the way to emotional self – regulation. For children, the key cognitive functions needed for school would be their ability to think, learn, and remember. We provide training games for attention, memory, decision making, spatial and cognitive flexibility. There are many other types, for example, motor skills, language, anticipation, the theory of mind, inhibition, and emotional self-regulation.

At NeeuroFIT Home, we make sure that the child will not only be able to clear levels, but also improve in their cognitive abilities. Throughout the course, your child will be assessed. Assessment will be done at Levels 1, 3, and 5, wherein the progress of their cognitive abilities will be monitored, that is, will they be able to do better at a particular skill.

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