NeeuroFIT for Seniors

Why is Brain Training Important? With brain training, you can prevent cognitive decline that leads to mental illnesses.
Introducing NeeuroFIT Brain Training Course for Seniors! At Neeuro, we want to give seniors opportunities to constantly keep mentally active and healthy. Our team is dedicated to provide the most modern solutions to brain training for seniors.

A Wholesome Course, Tailored to Keep you Mentally Active

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Enhance focus, memory, and other cognitive skills

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Reduce your risk of cognitive decline

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Improve ability to perform daily tasks

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Brain Health Tips

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Increase Productivity

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Social engagement with peers and trainers

What’s in the NeeuroFIT Brain Training Course for Seniors?

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Increase your potential to perform better

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Train on your focus, logic and other skills

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1.5 hours per session

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Brain Health Education

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Brain Training Games

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Social engagement with peers and trainers

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Measured Outcomes

NeeuroFIT improves and maintains attention, memory, spatial ability, decision making and cognitive flexibility skills in seniors.

Through the latest technologies, reports and assessments, we are able to track and measure progress accurately. This lets us provide personalised training to ensure every student reaps the greatest benefits from each session.

Read more about the results of our clinical trials on how Cognitive Training can improve cognition in healthy older adults.

Detailed Analysis

Quarterly Reports for Seniors

The Enterprise Analytics Portal provides centres with administrative features to manage users, together with insights and analytics on their participant’s cognitive data. The centre can record any improvements and weaknesses in each senior’s cognitive functions.

They also benchmark their results within the cohort to calculate if users are in the average, higher or lower percentiles.

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Partner with Us to be a NeeuroFIT Certified Trainer.

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