NeeuroFIT for Children is a wholesome course,
specially designed to boost your Child’s Brain.

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Enhance your child’s focus, memory, and other cognitive skills

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Improve your child’s ability to perform daily tasks

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Modern methods of learning to compliment academic studies

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Technology and curriculum designed by neuroscientists and experts

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Social engagement with peers and trainers

What’s in the NeeuroFIT Brain Training Course for Children?

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Measured Outcomes

NeeuroFIT improves skills of attention, memory, spatial ability, decision making and cognitive flexibility in children aged 6 to 12 years.

Through the latest technologies and offline and online reports and assessments, we are able to track and measure progress accurately. This lets us provide personalised training to ensure every child reaps the greatest benefits from each session.

Digital Learning

Our courses utilise brainwave technology co-developed with national research agency A*STAR, to improve cognitive skills
in children.

SenzeBand 2 is a safe-to-use and non-invasive brainwave sensor that is used to track each student’s attention and mental effort during every session.

Memorie is an app that provides 18 engaging brain training exercises to train cognitive skills. It pairs with SenzeBand 2 to provide brainwave tracking and in-app analytics for accurate measurements.

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Tactile Learning

NeeuroFIT also integrates physical brain exercises to encourage learning through touch and hands-on activities.

Tactile learning has been shown to improve focus, problem-solving, information retention, and motor skills in children.

Detailed Analytics

For Partners
Our Enterprise Analytics Portal provides administrative features to manage users, together with insights and analytics on each student’s cognitive data.

For Parents
Parents receive comprehensive quarterly reports on their child’s cognitive improvements. Reports are detailed to each skill trained, and also include benchmarking to show if students are on the average, higher, or lower percentiles in their cohort.

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Partner with Us to be a NeeuroFIT Certified Trainer.

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