Memorie is a collection of mobile games that help train the different cognitive functions of our brains. These fun and engaging mental exercises seek to enhance cognitive skills in attention, memory, decision-making, spatial awareness and cognitive flexibility. Enabling us to Think Faster, Learn Smarter and Remember Better!

Paired with the Neeuro SenzeBand, the Memorie app is a collection of 18 engaging games that ensures an accurate way to track brain fitness in addition to Game scores, a ‘Brain’ score, a metric that measures your brain activity while training, will also be provided at the end of each game level.

Memorie is available in 12 languages. Currently, Memorie supports English, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Bahasa Indonesia, Malay, Thai, German, Polish, Hungarian, Spanish, and Turkish. 

Training the 5 Cognitive Skills

5 cognitive skills


Attention is the ability to concentrate on important things that matter at any given time. Our attention and brain training games encourage players to gain a higher attention span to process new concepts and complete daily tasks with more ease.


Memory is important for storing and retrieving information. Brain exercise lets us improve aspects such as working memory. Working memory can be thought of as a mental sticky note that helps us keep tabs on information until we need to use it for thinking, comprehending, and problem solving.

Decision Making

In decision making, we gather information and assess the right choices. By training logic and reasoning skills, we can make
more mindful decisions by organising relevant information and outlining alternatives.

Spatial Ability

Spatial ability refers to the ability to understand, reason and remember the spatial relations among objects or space.
Spatial training is relevant for daily tasks like driving, using maps, and even exercising or playing sports.

Cognitive Flexibility

Training cognitive flexibility lets you efficiently shift your attention between one task and another. One example is switching between reading instructions from a cook-book and preparing the meal.

Neeuro SenzeBand EEG headband with Memorie's mindcopter gameplay

Easy to Use

Memorie’s simple interface and graphics
ensure that you are able to play and understand
the minute you launch the game.


Developed by neuroscientists and psychologists
to provide the most relevant training methods for cognitive development.

Neeuro SenzeBand EEG headband with Memorie dashboard

Track your Progress

Track your progress with Memorie’s analytics
and reports and realise the steps needed to achieve
a healthier mind.

Progressive Training

Our games’ levels of difficulty adapt to make
sure that you are challenged to the full extent
of your abilities.

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