Introducing the all-new SenzeBand 2. Our most powerful SenzeBand ever. With an improved design, our portable EEG device boasts more sensors, thus collecting more data.

Integrating seamlessly with NeeuroOS, SenzeBand 2 enables a better experience with our applications and also for you to develop your own applications.

3.1b_Homepage_SenzeBand_Product Features_Better Fit
New & Improved Design

Better Fit:
Adjustable band to fit any head

Flexible & Scalable:
Can be fitted into other headgear

Customizable LED:
To indicate mental states,
e.g. attention, fatigue, etc.

3.1b_Homepage_SenzeBand_Product Features_9axis sensor
More Powerful

8 Sensors:
7 EEG sensors and 1 PPG sensor

9-axis motion sensor

Improved battery life

3.1b_Homepage_SenzeBand_Product Features_NeeuroOS Apps
Seamless Connectivity

iOS and Android compatible

From Brain Signals to Mental States:
Uses specifically built AI algorithms to interpret EEG data to mental states in real time

Support 3rd party apps

HubSpot Video


Senzeband2_3D Render_Views_with Description_Activity Indicator_1024x400

Senzeband2_3D Render_Views_with Description_PPG Sensor_1024x400

Senzeband2_3D Render_Views_with Description_Temporal Lobe Electrode_1024x400



EEG Sensors

5 forehead sensors and 2 temporal lobe sensors

PPG Sensors

Detect Heart Rate and
Oxygen Levels

Sampling Rate & Resolution

Sampling Rate = 250 SPS per channel
Resolution = 24-bit

Activity Indication

Visually represent mental states


Bluetooth 5.0


320mAh Li-ion polymer
Battery lifespan up to 6 hours