Making a Difference: How Therapy Alliance and Neeuro Leverage on Digital Therapeutics to Help Children Stay Focused

Posted by Joyce Mabale on 3 May 2023

As a parent, navigating the world of mental health therapies for your child can be overwhelming. Fortunately, Neeuro has developed a digital therapeutics (DTx) solution that provides a personalised and engaging solution that is catered to your child’s needs.

Neeuro’s solutions piqued Therapy Alliance’s interest which made them decide to partner with Neeuro and incorporate digital therapeutics with their current therapy services.

About Therapy Alliance

Therapy Alliance is a Singapore-based organization that utilizes a web-platform which aims to provide therapy, workshops, treatment, and support services to help children with conditions like Autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Dyslexia, and Dyspraxia. They saw the opportunity to utilize the internet to connect parents with special needs and specialists that can help them with their journey. Therapy Alliance was founded by Lee Ching Kie and her husband, who had firsthand experience with the difficulty of finding a therapist for their son and wanted to create awareness and share useful information with other parents.

How Neeuro Fits Into Therapy Alliance’s Partner Clinics and Clients

Therapy Alliance, with its network of special needs education specialists, recognized the potential of digital therapeutics in their therapy services and partnered with Neeuro to incorporate this with their current therapy services. Initially, when Neeuro's DTx solution were incorporated into a child’s therapy services, some parents had mixed emotions. While impressed with Neeuro’s solutions, they feared that the SenzeBand might be invasive and that their child might get addicted to Cogo during the brain training. However, with the right information and guidance from the therapists and Therapy Alliance, the parents eventually felt at ease with this as they saw significant improvement in their child’s ability to focus, especially after completing 24 sessions using Cogo.

Cogo is a patented, scientifically validated digital attention training program based on Brain-Computer Interface technology. The therapeutic approach uses a non-invasive BCI-based game to help children learn to focus better. This patented solution, developed from over 10 years of research with clinical trials conducted, has shown positive results not only with trial participants but with post-trial users.

Ching Kie recalled using Neeuro's AI-powered Cogo software and SenzeBand. She noticed that Cogo is really tailored for children with ADHD who require digital therapy, and she also liked how each result was supported by statistics.

Ching Kie also liked how the SenzeBand has a sleek and comfortable design, while maintaining its purpose. Thus, they were compelled to integrate SenzeBand into their therapy sessions as they feel passionate about its features such as; the seven sensors, sturdy feel, and snug fit. The comfortable SenzeBand positively impacted therapy sessions, improving children's attention and engagement levels.

Digital Therapeutics: An Alternative Solution


With the positive feedback from therapists and clients themselves, Ching Kie believed that “Digital Therapeutics offered by Neeuro are also a good alternative for parents who want to refrain giving their child medication as medicines have a lot of side effects”. She trusts Neeuro's technology enables them to offer diverse therapies, ensuring top-notch patient care.

“I hope that many people will come onboard and try this new technology”, she stated as she commended Neeuro’s solutions.

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