Singapore’s Neurokokoro Partners with Neeuro to Bring Neurofeedback Innovation to Education

Posted by Joyce Mabale on 2 November 2023

The development of a child's brain is emerging as a concern for parents. Learn how Neurokokoro, in collaboration with Neeuro Singapore, redefines child development through innovation in education with their holistic approach that touches on the Brain, Body, and Mind.

Neurokokoro's Vision for Holistic Child Development

Around a year and a half ago, Neurokokoro's Organization emerged under the leadership of Eddie Lau and his dedicated team. Comprising two master trainers, 13 trainers, and six board advisors, their collective mission was to create the Neurokokoro Programme. The fundamental goal was to provide a comprehensive platform for holistic development.




A Unique Approach for Young Learners

Central to the Neurokokoro Programme is the Junior Programme, designed to accommodate children aged 4 to 12, including both mainstream children and slow learners. Their vision was to narrow the educational gap between these two groups, ensuring that all children could progress alongside their peers. To accomplish this, they partnered with educational institutions, sending their dedicated trainers to work directly with students.



Pioneering Brain Training Technology

Neurokokoro's emphasis on nurturing cognitive abilities prompted them to seek the best brain training technology available. After a rigorous assessment of nine brain training companies, they chose to collaborate with Neeuro as its NeeuroFIT programme was backed by real-time Neurofeedback technology, something that other providers did not have.

Eddie Lau, the founder, shared that another reason they chose to partner with Neeuro was the solution’s ability to record every session a child completed. These detailed records proved invaluable in creating informative reports shared with parents after each module and during Parent-Trainer Meetings (PTMs).

Eddie also stated that “Neeuro’s apps collect the data throughout the module. With the data collection, it is more quantifiable and measurable the parents feel that it is more reliable that way, as it gives them more clarity in the child’s improvement.”  

Tangible Results and Transformations

Incorporating NeeuroFIT backed with neurofeedback on the Neurokokoro programme yielded remarkable improvements in their students' performance.

For instance, Eddie shared a case study involving an 8-year-old child who was a slow learner with a notably low attention span and had tendencies to interrupt conversations. 

"In my eight years with my son, this is the first time he has patiently waited for the other person to finish speaking before chiming in," said a mother of a child enrolled with Neurokokoro for NeeuroFIT


Expanding Horizons: A Global Reach

Neurokokoro envisions expanding globally, starting with Malaysia in January 2024, followed by China, Indonesia, Brunei, Vietnam, and Hong Kong. They also plan to introduce a programme for individuals aged 41 and above, focusing on dementia management. Eddie Lau believes that their ongoing collaboration with Neeuro Singapore is the optimal choice, emphasising their shared commitment to comprehensive brain training using neurofeedback technology.

This partnership signifies the transformative power of technology-driven cognitive enhancement in childhood development. By utilising neurofeedback technology, Neurokokoro shapes young minds for success, emphasising the importance of increasing neuroplasticity at an early age. Neeuro's Solutions and Neurokokoro's dedication combine to leave a lasting impact on future generations. 



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