Unlocking Peak Performance: Nigel Psychology’s Attention Assistance Protocol Powered by Neeuro’s Innovative Programmes as the Newest Intervention Strategy in Singapore

Posted by Joyce Mabale on 28 July 2023

Breaking free from the limitations of traditional therapy and medicinal interventions is not as hard as one might think it is.

With a focus on cognition, behaviour, and personal growth, Nicholas Gabriel Lim of Nigel Psychology shared how he devised his own  Attention Assistance Protocol (AAP) in order to help his clients achieve Peak Performance with the use of Neeuro’s Digital Therapeutics (DTx).

Nigel Psychology’s Clientele and Intervention Programmes

Nigel Psychology excels in mental health practice, prioritising cognition and behaviour to help individuals achieve peak performance. They address diverse areas such as relationships, career progression, academic success, addiction management, and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Their comprehensive care involves a team of professionals, including psychologists, medical practitioners, mental health specialists, physical trainers, and life coaches. This collaborative approach provides personalised interventions tailored to the client's unique needs, combining in-house expertise with an extensive network of practitioners.

Implementing Neeuro’s Solutions

Nicholas Gabriel Lim, psychologist and the founder of Nigel Psychology, initially had reservations about Neeuro's Solutions but was reassured after reviewing scientific publications on its efficacy. Nigel Psychology embraces a non-medicinal approach alongside traditional therapy, accommodating clients who prefer alternative interventions. This led to the integration of Neeuro's innovative programmes, Cogo and Memorie, which utilise Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) and Neurosciences to facilitate cognitive improvements and enhance attention span.

Success Metrics and Protocol Approach

Nigel Psychology utilises Neeuro's platform to track focus and response frequency, but also observes clients and applies psychological training for behaviour modification. In addition, Nicholas devised his own Attention Assistance Protocol which includes both on-site and home interventions. To ensure uniformity and quality of care, practitioners underwent intensive training with Nicholas first before handling the clients. This holistic approach bridges the gap between Neeuro interventions and psychological techniques, allowing for personalised guidance and support.

Implementing AAP with parents can pose challenges, particularly when managing children's focus during the intervention. To address this, they view it as a training/partnership with parents as well, they offer guidance and support during the initial stages of the intervention. Nicholas encourages constant communication and information sharing between parents, teachers, and medical practitioners to create a collaborative environment that benefits the child's progress.

Nicholas and his wife were amazed by the results of implementing AAP on their 9-year-old daughter who shows ADHD symptoms. Their daughter can now independently focus on Cogo without much guidance or assistance. This highlights the potential of Neeuro's Solution and its impact on future mental health care. 

“Over the past 20 years of my practice, I’m convinced that we can work with the cognition and behaviour of a person effectively when we have a good intervention strategy and the kind of tools that Neeuro has developed. With the availability of such digital therapeutics and good data to back its efficacies, I would naturally want to make use of it to help my clients achieve personal success.” Nicholas stated as he commended the alternative solutions offered by Neeuro in accordance with his AAP.

Looking ahead, Nicholas is already expanding intervention protocols with Neeuro solutions, promoting ethical mental health practices and widespread access. He is planning to share protocols and Neeuro's policies on a broader scale, breaking geographical barriers and extending the reach of cognitive training solutions.

Start your cognitive training journey with Neeuro’s Cogo now in order to achieve your Peak Performance. 

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