Innovative Brain Health Solutions Unveiled as Neeuro and Audimed Partner in Thailand

Neeuro, a leading provider of brain technology solutions, partners with Audimed Company Limited to expand their market of cutting-edge brain-health technology in Thailand. This strategic collaboration combines Neeuro's expertise in Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) technology with Audimed's healthcare distribution prowess, revolutionising cognitive wellness approaches.

Neeuro's flagship product, SenzeBand, integrates seamlessly with Audimed's existing medical equipment product line. It is a state-of-the-art wearable device, coupled with brain training apps like Cogo and Memorie, that enhances cognitive functions such as attention, memory, and focus. Powered by advanced neurofeedback technology, Neeuro's solutions provide real-time insights into brain activity, enabling users to improve cognitive abilities through targeted mental exercises and training programs.

"We are excited to collaborate with Neeuro and introduce their brain-health technology to our clients in Thailand. The versatility of Neeuro's solutions for all age groups aligns perfectly with our focus," said Ms Usa Thanomsingh, CEO/Chairman of Audimed. "Digital therapeutics have immense potential, especially for children with ADHD, eliminating the need for medication. We aim to educate and encourage people to utilise Neeuro's solutions for improved well-being."

Neeuro and Audimed are dedicated to fostering a long-term partnership, aiming to continuously innovate and develop advanced brain technology solutions to meet the evolving needs of individuals, healthcare professionals, and organisations in Thailand.

About Audimed

Audimed Company Limited, a prominent healthcare company based in Thailand, specialises in distributing advanced healthcare solutions. Partnering with leading technology firms, Audimed introduces innovative medical and wellness devices to enhance people's lives. Their expertise lies in strategic distribution and marketing, facilitating the adoption of groundbreaking solutions. With a diverse team of professionals, including management, hearing healthcare experts, engineers, specialists, and their own sales team, Audimed is equipped to deliver comprehensive healthcare solutions.

About Neeuro

Neeuro, founded in 2013, is a leading provider of brain-technology solutions that enhance cognitive wellness. Through its cutting-edge neurofeedback technology and user-friendly wearable devices, Neeuro empowers individuals to optimise brain performance and achieve mental well-being. With a strong focus on research and innovation, Neeuro continues to revolutionise the field of brain-health technology.


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