Neeuro and Wholeness Co. Partner to Sharpen Japan's Brain Health

Posted by Samantha Lagman on 7 May 2024

Inspired by Japan's renowned focus on longevity and healthy ageing, Wholeness Co. is pioneering a unique brain wellness advocacy that provides a comprehensive approach to optimising brain function across all ages combining advanced cognitive training, attention exercises, and neurofeedback solutions.

This proactive method utilises the Cogo Attention Training and NeeuroFIT Brain Training Programs - cognitive training solutions developed by Neeuro. These programs aim to enhance attention, focus, and other cognitive skills, empowering individuals to maximise their cognitive function throughout their lifespan for a more fulfilling and productive life.

The Wholeness Approach: Beyond Neurofeedback Training

Mr. Tomo Nakagawa, a licensed Psychiatric Social Worker (PSW) and Bio/Neurofeedback Specialist, leverages his extensive experience to lead brain wellness initiatives in Japan. He established Wholeness, a company focused on promoting brain health through a multifaceted approach by providing biofeedback and brain fitness training to patients struggling with developmental disorders, depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions.

He envisions a society where cognitive training programs for brain health are accessible to all, without limitations of time, location, or financial constraints. In his own words, he expressed, "These brain training technologies might change the basic mental health care and general brain wellness program with the help of Neeuro's solutions."

By incorporating Neeuro's cognitive solutions, Mr. Nakagawa believes that Wholeness’s holistic approach to brain wellness can revolutionise mental healthcare and general brain wellness programs, encompassing these three key pillars: 

  • Education and Awareness: Striving to raise public awareness about the importance of brain health through seminars, workshops, and online courses.
  • Consulting Services: Providing consulting services for individuals, healthcare professionals, and organisations in implementing brain health initiatives and integrating bio-neurofeedback devices.
  • Partnerships and Collaborations: Collaborating with research institutions, healthcare providers, and other organisations in the brain health field to advance knowledge and develop innovative cognitive training solutions. 

Wholeness fulfills its mission of promoting brain health and positively impacting individuals and communities in Japan through its comprehensive approach. 

Revolutionising Remote Solutions with Cogo 

Mr. Nakagawa shared his remarkable experience utilising Cogo for remote neurofeedback training, highlighting its potential to revolutionise mental healthcare accessibility. 

His initial introduction to Cogo came through an approach to participate in an acceptance study in Japan, which involved four children. This experience fuelled his interest in using brain training technology further. 

Mr. Nakagawa observed a significant reduction in problem behaviours and a marked improvement in the child's learning performance. Even more notably, subsequent qEEG testing revealed positive changes in brain activity within the prefrontal cortex—a region closely associated with executive functions like attention and impulse control. 

This remarkable success story underscores the immense potential of Cogo's remote neurofeedback capabilities, which could dramatically reduce the need for frequent, costly mental wellness centre visits while offering a convenient, effective, and scientifically validated option for individuals with ADHD and other neurological conditions. 

Embracing the Future of Brain Wellness with Neeuro

The partnership between Wholeness and Neeuro shows a glimpse into a future where personalised brain health solutions are accessible to all.

Continued innovation in neurofeedback training has the potential to revolutionise mental healthcare, empowering individuals to prioritise their cognitive well-being and contribute to a healthier, happier society. 

Take a proactive step towards revolutionising cognitive solutions, partner with Neeuro today to embrace the future of brain wellness! 

About Wholeness Co.

Wholeness Co. is a Japanese company founded in 2020 that integrates somatic practices with neuroscience to promote well-being. It believes in a holistic approach to wellness that combines the mind, body, and nature.

Wholeness offers a variety of products and services to help people achieve well-being, including:

  • Selling health equipment, such as qEEG machines and other bio-neurofeedback devices
  • Providing consultations
  • Offering educational programs

About Neeuro

Neeuro is a global company that specialises in utilising Brain-Computer Interface technology to maximise the potential of users’ neurological agility and fitness. Its core technology, NeeuroOS, is a platform that empowers healthcare professionals, researchers, and third-party developers with an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven ability to analyse brain signals of users, measuring mental states including but not limited to attention, relaxation, mental workload, and fatigue. Since its inception in 2013, Neeuro’s extensive portfolio and an array of digital therapeutic and brain fitness solutions are backed by clinically validated research by A*STAR, an institution widely known as being at the forefront of Singapore’s research endeavours.

Neeuro’s holistic offerings reveal numerous potential avenues to explore complementary mental health options for children and adults facing various neurological challenges.

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