How Caring Abilities in Australia is Disrupting Mental Health Care with Neeuro's Digital Therapeutics Solution

Posted by Joyce Mabale on 1 June 2023

If you’re looking for an alternative solution for your mental health needs that offers tons of benefits, Digital Therapeutics (DTx) might just be for you.

DTx already gained interest not just from clients who wanted to experience the new form of solutions offered by Neeuro, but also from practitioners who wanted to incorporate different solutions with their therapy services. One of them is Andrew Hock Chia, the founder of Caring Abilities in Sydney, Australia. 

How Neeuro Plays a Part in Caring Abilities’ Mission

According to studies, one in every 20 children in Australia has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). With this in mind, Andrew founded Caring Abilities with the mission and vision to meet the occupational therapy needs of people through professional and holistic care.

Andrew handles clients with various conditions but all his clients are experiencing attention difficulties, specifically, his clients who are diagnosed with ADHD. In addition, Andrew was also driven from his personal experience with his son who was having attention and focus difficulties.

Coincidentally, he managed to know about Neeuro’s Cogo when he was still in Singapore. He was aware of the solution’s Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) technology as well as its being a scientifically validated digital attention training programme and how it was designed to help people who are having difficulty with attention. He stated that his son personally tried the programme as they wanted to experience how the solution works and gain positive results as well. 

Andrew shared that he experienced positive results with his son by utilizing Cogo. He emphasized that Cogo played a significant role in helping his son understand and improve his ability to pay attention and concentrate. Consequently, his son has made notable progress in focusing on his homework, and his handwriting has transformed from messy scribbles to neat and legible writing. Andrew also mentioned that his son occasionally requests to relocate to a quiet place to avoid distractions while performing tasks.

Potential of Neeuro and Digital Therapeutics

Andrew emphasized that despite not being a fan of screen time for children, he sees Cogo as another tool on top of traditional and conventional therapy to add to his crate of treating ADHD symptoms. He stated that the user-friendly features of the programme and the use of Bluetooth on the SenzeBand made it much easier for people to maximize its therapeutic advantages.

20230519_Web_Blog_Caring Abilites_Pull Quote_600x400Consequently, Andrew sees Neeuro as a long-time partner of his business as he stated that “digital therapeutics would have a bigger market or potential in the coming years, given how therapy solutions are evolving with how it works, interacts, and uses the available resources on hand.” He is confident that technology can help expand the reach of digital therapeutics and thus eventually be a thing of the future.

Try Cogo now to make a positive impact on your child or your client’s child who is struggling with paying attention.

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