Bridging Gaps in Education: AZ Proyectos’ Commitment to Enhancing Cognitive Abilities with Neeuro Solutions

Posted by Joyce Mabale on 14 December 2023

In a 2020 report by the World Bank, it was highlighted that the estimated prevalence of slow learners in Colombia could be as high as 15%. 

Motivated by this alarming statistic, AZ Proyectos led by Aman Preston, went on a mission to enhance the quality of education in Colombia. To achieve this, they turned to Neeuro’s neurofeedback technology, recognising its potential to address unique challenges faced by students with learning disabilities. 

Aman, with his extensive background in education, collaborates with educational institutions in Colombia to provide support for students with learning disabilities. Gaining insights from psychologists and neurologists, he realises the importance of specialised tools in catering to the diverse needs of students.


Neeuro’s Tailored Solutions for Learning Challenges

Recognising the limitations of existing tools for cognitive disabilities, Aman partnered with Neeuro. Unlike current tools that primarily focus on didactics, Aman's team realised the need for solutions that specifically target cognitive skills. 

Managing 350 students from 45 schools, Aman and his team employ Neeuro's Solutions, including NeeuroFIT and the Memorie App, with a team of 60 trainers and 8 professionals. They collaborate with schools, presenting progress reports to the education secretary, conducting group sessions, and providing close support to students with learning disabilities. Regular visits ensure ongoing engagement and effective integration of Neeuro's Solutions. 



Challenges and Success Stories

However, the implementation of Neeuro's solution in Colombia faced challenges due to the inclusion principle, necessitating students with learning disabilities to share classrooms. Issues such as large class sizes and teacher reluctance to adopt technology posed significant obstacles to seamless integration. 

Despite these challenges, Aman and his team overcame them, showcasing impactful success stories. One notable example involved a third-grade student initially labelled unable to read, challenging the misdiagnosis rooted in the student's discomfort with public reading. Collaborating with psychologists, Aman used Neeuro with patients, achieving notable success with a 15-year-old having a mental age of 8. A treatment plan, alternating traditional methods and Neeuro solutions, resulted in significant academic transformation within three months. 


Holistic Ecosystem for Cognitive Disabilities

Having success with the program, Aman appreciated Neeuro's ability to identify inaccurate diagnoses and provide suitable solutions. He values the platform's role in genuinely understanding a child's problem beyond the labels of ADHD or learning disabilities. 

“With Neeuro, we can prove that what we’re doing is centred for students with learning disabilities. To know that this solution is working, it would really help solve the problem of the students with cognitive disabilities.” Aman stated as he shared why he recommended Neeuro to educational institutions. 

Recently, AZ Proyectos and the local government of Colombia plan to expand their partnerships with educational institutions in Pereira, aiming to launch NeeuroFIT in 60 more schools within the city. They also intend to extend their reach to Dosquebradas, where they plan to partner with seven new educational institutions that will also be using Neeuro’s Solutions, reinforcing their commitment to enhancing education in both cities. 

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AZ Proyectos Educativos together with the government of Pereira,
turns over NeeuroFIT kits to 33 schools in the city.


Looking ahead, Aman envisions creating a comprehensive ecosystem for individuals with cognitive disabilities through initiatives like introducing Cogo to the health sector, expanding Memorie app in schools, and developing additional solutions alongside SenzeBand for a holistic approach. His vision includes addressing cognitive abilities in the health sector, cognitive training, and ongoing curriculum development, ultimately aiming for company growth, particularly in Latin America. 

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