Neeuro Partners with Gifted Learners Student Care Centre for NeeuroFIT

Singapore, 15th December 2017  - Neeuro, a company specialising in neurotechnology, has announced that they have partnered with Gifted Learners Student Care Centre to provide brain training classes for children.

The class will be run for students between 7 to 12 years at Gifted Learners Student Care Centre. The hope is that the course will help the students at the student care centre by enhancing their IQ levels as well as key cognitive functions that serve as a foundation for learning. These cognitive functions include memory, attention and focus.

Polene Lam, Founder of Gifted Learners Student Care Centre, is confident that NeeuroFIT will be of great benefit to her students. "Just like a good physical exercise programme for a strong body, we believe NeeuroFIT will be a good mental exercise for a strong and healthy brain for our students,” she said.

Neeuro looks forward to a strong partnership with Gifted Learners Student Care Centre.


About Gifted Learners Student Care

Gifted Learners Student Care Centre was founded by experienced parents who also serve as school teachers. As a result, they can understand the stress that students go though in school as well as the dilemma that is often faced by parents keen on giving the best care and attention to their children but have limited time to do so. Gifted Learners Student Care Centre was set up with the aim of providing quality before and after school care for children within a stimulating, caring and joyful environment. To find out more, visit


About Neeuro

Founded in 2013, Neeuro is a leading brain technology platform that focuses on empowering people to live happier and healthier lives through neurotechnology and gamification. Developed in collaboration with national research institutes, Neeuro’s products and services focus on digital brain health and education technology to help people of all ages to optimise their brain’s potential. Neeuro currently serves over 50 countries and has also implemented brain fitness programmes and services in community centres and educational institutions, among others. Neeuro has won several awards, with one of the latest being Champion for Regional Best Practice in the World Summit Awards (SEA) 2016 under the United Nations framework. For more information about Neeuro, visit their website at

Neeuro works globally with partners such as training providers, technology system integrators and schools to benefit children. Using modern solutions for cognitive training, cognitive skills such as attention and memory are emphasized and honed. NeeuroFIT aims to improve every child's academic success via better learning outcomes.


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