Neeuro Presents Opportunities for Mind Wellness

The Institute of Systems Science (ISS) of the National University of Singapore (NUS) recently held its 2nd Smart Health of Community Practice (CoP) Forum with the topic “Emerging Opportunities for Digital Mental Health.”

Neeuro’s Chief Marketing Officer Kelly Choo was joined by Craig DeLarge, Founder and Director of Digital Mental Health Project, who talked about the current and emerging applications in digital health affecting mental health and illness. He focuses on digital health wearables designed and marketed to remedy mental health & illness.

Mr. Choo demonstrated the use of the Neeuro EEG wearable, the Neeuro SenzeBand, wherein he asked one volunteer to try the headband while playing a few Neeuro Memorie games, all neuroscience-designed to improve certain cognitive skills.

Mind Copter puts your attention skills to a test, where you are required to focus to make the helicopter fly and rescue stranded people, and a relaxed mind will make the helicopter safely land.

Dot Connect aims to challenge and improve your visual-spatial abilities, which is the ability to understand directions or read maps, by correcting connecting the dots from different angles.

The volunteer did well in the demo games, and in fact he and the rest of the audience were surprised and challenged that such a game (Mind Copter) has been created for brain training.

The Smart Health Community of Practice (CoP) is composed of professionals from across the medical, health and wellbeing ecosystem united by their interest in exploring how technology, data, innovation, and empathic design can help people experience better health and care. The CoP supports the adoption of technology in innovative and integrated platforms across the health and wellbeing landscape, through peer-to-peer sharing, learning, and the promotion of collaboration across organizational and industry boundaries, through a vibrant network of practitioners.

Neeuro, with its brain training wearable with games, is able to merge neurotechnology and gamification for mental wellness, by coming up with brain training methods that are safe, non-invasive and measurable. Its patented Neeuro Learning Matrix (NLM) shows the user’s brainwaves during gameplay with corresponding scores (quadrants) for guidance and understanding of the user’s cognitive skills - attention, multi-tasking, memory, decision making and spatial skills, and subsequent improvement.

It is currently running an Indiegogo campaign to be able to finalize its production and distribution to backers and supporters and reached its targeted goal within a week.

This is definitely an opportunity not to be passed up especially for those concerned with strengthening mental health, and the emerging trends in digital health wearables, with Neeuro as an innovative product called “Fitbit for the mind,” (Tech in Asia, 11 March 2016) a “head start in brain training” (Straits Times, 01 April 2016), may be a game changer for mind wellness.

Read more about Neeuro’s Indiegogo campaign here.

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