Brain Training Effective in Improving Seniors’ Executive Functions

In the recently published research article, entitled, “Evaluation of the Implementation and Effectiveness of Community-Based Brain-Computer Interface Cognitive Group Training in Healthy Community-Dwelling Older Adults: Randomized Controlled Implementation Trial”, it has been shown that with regular brain training sessions, our seniors are more active and can enjoy a better and healthier lifestyle. 

In this study, the researchers at the Geriatric Education and Research Institute, Khoo Teck Puat Hospital and the National University of Singapore (NUS-Singapore) found community-based computerized cognitive training (CCT) effective in improving attention and executive functions in seniors.

The implementation trial which was done at community centers in Singapore aimed to evaluate the implementation of community-based CCT and its effectiveness on cognition, gait, and balance in healthy older adults.

Apart from seeing improvement in attention and executive functions of seniors who went through brain training, the researchers also saw that their gait and balance did not deteriorate whereas those that were in the control group saw a deterioration in both gait and balance.

The Brain training was done using Neeuro’s NeeuroFIT for Seniors curriculum powered by the SenzeBand and Memorie mobile application.

“Trained instructors guided participants through game-based training targeting attention, memory, decision making, visuospatial abilities, and cognitive flexibility using a mobile app (Memorie, Neeuro Pte Ltd). CCT was gamified to enable sustained interest and facilitate adaptive training where participants progressed to more cognitively demanding levels. Selected games were paired with an electroencephalography headset (Senzeband, Neeuro Pte Ltd) that quantified users’ attention into scores that influenced their in-game avatar control or game performance.” – excerpt from the Implementation Trial.

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