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NeeuroFIT Brain Training Course for Seniors will help you
improve your quality of life through mental fitness.

A Wholesome Course, Tailored to Keep you Mentally Active

NeeuroFIT Brain Training Course for Seniors

A Wholesome Course, Tailored to Keep you Mentally Active

Why is Brain Training Important?

NeeuroFIT Brain Training Course for Seniors

Right from the age of 25, our cognitive functions will start to decline. Despite this process being normal due to aging, it should not be taken lightly as a common process of growing old. With brain training, cognitive decline that leads to mental illnesses can be prevented.  Introducing NeeuroFIT Brain Training Course for Seniors!

At Neeuro, we want to give seniors opportunities to constantly keep mentally active and healthy. Our team is dedicated to providing the most modern solutions to brain training for seniors.

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What’s in the NeeuroFIT Brain Training Course for Seniors?

Increase your potential to perform better

Train on your focus, logic and other skills

1.5 hours per session

Brain Health Education

Brain Training Games

Social engagement with peers and trainers

Measured Outcomes

NeeuroFIT improves and maintains skills of attention, memory, spatial ability, decision making and cognitive flexibility in seniors.

Through the latest technologies, reports and assessments, we are able to track and measure progress accurately. This lets us provide personalised training to ensure every student reaps the greatest benefits from each session.

Digital Learning

Our courses utilise brainwave technology co-developed with national research agency A*STAR, to improve and maintain cognitive skills.

SenzeBand, a brainwave sensor, is used to track each student’s attention and mental effort during every session.

Memorie is an app that provides over 15 engaging brain training exercises to train cognitive skills. It pairs with SenzeBand to provide brainwave tracking and in-app analytics for accurate measurements.

Detailed Analysis

Quarterly Reports for Seniors:

The Enterprise Analytics Portal provides centres with administrative features to manage users, together with insights and analytics on their participant’s cognitive data. The centre would be able to see any improvements and weaknesses in each senior’s cognitive functions.

They are also able to benchmark their results within the cohort to know if they are in the average, higher or lower percentiles.

Download a copy of our Enterprise Report now.

Participants showed significant improvement
in previous sessions:

25% increase

Attention is the ability to concentrate on important things that matter at any given time. Our attention training games encourage players to gain a higher attention span to process new concepts and complete daily tasks with more ease.

33% increase

Memory is important for storing and retrieving information. Training lets us improve aspects such as working memory. Working memory can be thought of as a mental sticky note that helps us keep tabs on information until we need to use it for thinking, comprehending, and problem solving.

58% increase

In decision making and cognitive flexibility, we gather information and assess the right choices. By training logic and reasoning skills, we can make more mindful decisions by organising relevant information and outlining alternatives. Cognitive flexibility also lets you efficiently shift your attention between one task and another.

Spatial Ability
50% increase

Spatial ability refers to the ability to understand, reason and remember the spatial relations among objects or space. Spatial training is relevant for daily tasks like driving, using maps, and even exercising or playing sports.


“The programme is very encouraging and enjoyable for all ages. It improves our memory, and encourages us to remember better.”
– Alan Lim

“These sessions made me more flexible.”
– Florence Ng

“I never played these games before. Now after these few sessions, I think my brain strength seems to have improved. I also have started to like to play the game.”
– Helen Chew

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