Improve your Child's Mind Power with these Tricks!

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The power of the mind is not only about the brain - it’s really about one's whole life! Mind power is not the kind of power that will let you float or move things just by looking at them. Simply put, mind power is the combination of one’s attention, thoughts, way of thinking, and mental images. Thoughts are transformed as energy so when you think about positive thoughts, it will stimulate your body to be energized and healthy, too.

Having good mind power will help one attain good decision-making skills, be more resilient, and be open to failures and success at the same time, which is a healthier way to face life. It will also drive one to acquire more valuable knowledge, that can lead your life down a better, healthier path and not be easily influenced by others and society.



Mind power and success: How mind exercises contribute

A healthy mind and body can derive success. It’s easy to stay physically healthy and active but for the mind, many are still reluctant as to how to enhance it since adults are already preoccupied with work, familial responsibilities, and other factors.

An article posted by The Guardian talked about the need for mind exercises not only to help people avoid memory loss but to also improve their quality of life. In a study done by researchers at UCLA, it has proven that after two weeks of constant brain enhancement activities and workouts, participants improved their efficiency, and regain a good memory.


Popular mind power games and activities for kids



  1. Engage them in physical activities

    German researchers found in 2007, that humans tend to learn new words at least 20% faster after they have engaged in physical activities such as sports or exercise. You can play with your kids outside or let them have fun in the field from time to time with their friends.

  2. Music lessons

    Music significantly increases the performance and IQ-levels of kids and even seniors. You can let your child select a genre or instrument to focus on and let them enjoy it while giving their brain the chance to perform better.

  3. Board games and puzzles

    Traditional board and puzzle games are proven ways to increase a person’s memory retention, analytical, and cognitive skills. It’s time to reminisce with your child by letting them join you in board games and puzzle games such as chess, scrabble, jigsaw puzzle, crossword puzzle, tic-tac-toe, or even snake and ladder game!

  4. Logic tests

    Using geometry, analytical thinking, and math, logic tests are fun to do and are great stuff to answer even for adults. Logic test books are available for purchase or online and letting your child be exposed to them will help develop their brain performance and power at once.

  5. Online mind games

    Several downloadable games can enhance your child’s brain performance. They come in different forms, quests, and specific brain function targets. However, games can be tricky as they can either disrupt their attention span or enhance it. The good news is, that some games are specifically designed to provide entertainment and brain enhancement all at the same time!


Leveraging on Neeuro's Memorie app



Neeuro's Memorie application, together with SenzeBand 2, is a perfect solution for improving your child's mind power as it targets training key cognitive pillars - Attention, Memory, Decision-Making, Spatial Ability, Mental Flexibility - that could help them do well not only in their academics but also in life as a whole. 

 Memorie is a collection of games designed by neuroscientists. When paired with SenzeBand 2, users are able to get real-time feedback on their brain performance, helping them assess which areas they need to train more.




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