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To create something that helps the mind become healthier

About Us

The Neeuro Team is a mission-driven organization in Digital Brain Health and Education Technology.

Empowering People to Live a Happier, Healthier and More Productive Lives

With years of development and collaboration with education institutions and professionals, Neeuro has created modern and fun learning solutions to give children a head start for a sharper mind.
We believe that by creating these programs, you will be able to strengthen the areas that students are weak and make learning more enjoyable, meaningful and purposeful.

The Core Team

Alvin CHAN, PhD

Alvin CHAN, PhD

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

A technopreneur who was the Co-Founder and former CTO of Brandtology, with a background in computer security, electronics engineering, neural networks & artificial intelligence.

Kelly CHOO

Kelly CHOO

Chief Marketing Officer & Co-Founder

A technopreneur who was the Co-Founder and former GM of Brandtology, with a background in eCommerce, Marketing and Data Analytics.

Eddie CHAU

Eddie CHAU

Chairman & Founder

A serial entrepreneur who founded e-Cop, Brandtology, V-Key, with successful exits for both e-Cop and Brandtology.

Dr. Cuntai GUAN, PhD

Dr. Cuntai GUAN, PhD

Chief Scientist for Neeuro

IEEE Fellow and Professor at Nanyang Technological University. Previously, Principal Scientist & Department Head, Neural & Biomedical Technology at I2R, A*STAR. He was also the A*STAR MedTech Programme Leader of Neuro-Technology and Co-Director of Rehabilitation Research Institute of Singapore.

Sudharshan T.

Sudharshan T.

Director, Business Development (India)

His expertise include deveoping growth sales strategies, tactics and action plans. Creates strong relationships with key clients stakeholders. Specializes in new business development and expansion in India.

Our Story and Vision

To develop innovative products that empower people to live happier, healthier and more productively through the use of neurotechnology and gamification.

A Global Crisis

Our world’s population is ageing fast. According to the United Nations, global population aged 60 and above is growing at a faster rate than the total population. With the story of an ageing population it will come with mental challenges like dementia.
In fact, it is estimated that 46.8 million people worldwide currently have dementia and is set to double every 20 years, reaching 74.7 million by 2030. The estimated cost of dementia is US$818 billion in 2015.

Our Belief

Neeuro strongly believes that early diagnosis and early intervention are key mechanisms that can close this treatment gap. It’s always better to seek preventive methods rather than to find a cure.
At Neeuro, we want to be part of this solution towards addressing this challenge starting from the young, as with many nations addressing an ageing population under Smart Nation and Smart City initiatives. At the same time, we want to reach out and provide our solution to as many people as possible.

Our Mission

Neeuro is a member of Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise ( and we have a social mission to aid seniors, care centers, communities and health service providers with brain training.

Company News & Partnerships

Crowning the Winners of the 1st Neeuro Brainiest Kid Competition India

Neeuro launched the ‘Brainiest Kid Competition India’, its first-ever cognitive skills online competition last October 2019.

To reinforce brain training’s importance in India, Neeuro invited students between the ages of 6 to 17-year-old to participate in the competition. See the list of winners here!

IMH, Duke-NUS and Neeuro Pilot Home-Based Brain-Training Game to Help Children with ADHD

A first-of-its-kind personalised, interactive brain-training game will soon be helping children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) improve their attention span. Read more!

Neeuro Launches Its 1st ‘Neeuro Brainiest Kid Competition’ in India

A leading global Digital Mental Health and Brain Fitness platform headquartered in Singapore is launching its first Cognitive Skills Online Competition.

Read more about the competition!

Neeuro Brain Training Apps Expand in India with Spini Partnership

The year 2018 has been an impressive year for Neeuro. With its groundbreaking Brain Training Apps like Memorie, Galini, Smarty Knights, etc., and Senzeband tool, it has announced its partnership with Spinircle India Pvt. Ltd (Spini).   Spini Promotes Brain Training Apps Spini adds intelligence to the sales cycle through online and offline activities thereby saving cost and time for its...

Collaborating Globally to Build the Foundation of Cognitive Development

Cognitive development starts at birth, it’s the foundation for learning and as such, there’s a strong link between developing these skills early and success in later life. Cognitive skills like attention and memory play a key role in the building blocks of many core academic subjects, like languages and maths. These children with better cognitive development will, in turn, have an easier time...

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