2020 was a game-changer in the education sector and this applies to both teachers and students. As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, children and institutions are forced to embrace technological advancements in conducting and attending classes. Students and teachers have to go beyond the traditional by welcoming digital education and this may have led to difficulties, such as a struggle to manage students virtually, or parents are forced to participate in their children’s learning, and these new digital tools may be unfamiliar to some.

Although there may be difficulties, there are some tools that have been developed to address them. Teaching tools are available for teachers, parents, and students to ensure that quality learning is possible while adjusting to digital education. Here are the top 10 teaching tools anyone can use:


Top 10 Online Teaching Tools in 2021

online teaching tools

Rank #10: Storybird

This tool helps teachers promote writing and reading skills. They can also create artistic books here with its user-friendly interface.

online teaching tools

Rank #9: Kahoot!

A teaching tool built to create games, quizzes, discussions, and surveys. It is an e-game learning platform that will let kids have fun, too!

online teaching tools

Rank #8: Lightsail

Teachers can use this teaching tool to guide independent readers. With this e-reader tool, assessments and feedback is provided in real-time.

online teaching tools

Rank #7: Artsy

Art classes can still be done from home with Artsy! Get access to various art collections and lessons!

Online Teaching Tools

Rank #6: Teaching Channel

Covers development videos for all grades and tackles core subjects students need to focus on.

online teaching tools

Rank #5: Free Rice

Free Rice will not only allow kids to solve quizzes to enhance their mind but will also teach them compassion. By playing a multiple-player game, each correct answer will equate to 5 grains of rice to be donated to the poor courtesy of the UN’s World Food Programme.

online teaching tools

Rank #4: ClassDojo

Kids need to be good, not only in academics but in ethics and manners as well. ClassDojo is a teaching tool that assists educators in enhancing students’ behavior.

online teaching tools

Rank #3: ThoughtCo

ThoughtCo is a website filled with grammar lessons great for middle schoolers to university students. You can get access to grammar tips, conversation lessons, and so much more!

Most Challenging Digital Games for Children in 2020 [Our Top 10]!

Rank #2: PBS Kids

This fun interactive game inspired by a great TV Show about a girl from Alaska teaches kids to listen carefully, follow instructions, and finish the games under pressure!

Most Challenging Digital Games for Children in 2020 [Our Top 10]!

Rank #1: Our Top Online Teaching Supplementary Tool in 2021… Memorie!

Memorie is developed to assist in the development of a child’s cognitive functions, especially in the areas of focus and attention. These two cognitive functions are critical factors for them to get engaged with digital education.  This teaching tool makes use of a Brain-Computer Interface and gamification to help develop the cognitive abilities, attention retention, and focus of students.

Humans are versatile enough to adapt to changes- even children too. . With the introduction of digital learning, we may have struggled to adjust but with determination, proper teaching tools, and students’ focus, everything should turn out just fine. Don’t forget to try out the teaching tools above to allow students to learn and have fun while they’re at home!

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online teaching tools

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Most Challenging Digital Games for Children in 2020 [Our Top 10]!

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