The art of teaching is one of the most amazing passions in the world because the whole future depends on it. People from all walks of life are developed by different people using various ways of teaching. Teaching effectiveness is substantial as it will not just improve someone’s skills, it influences anyone in ways we cannot imagine.

Effective teachers are recognized because they don’t just teach- they take it to the next level. Teaching effectiveness radiates from people who are well-trained with teaching. They speak clearly, project authority, intelligence, and humor in one. We cannot please everyone but we can at least interest most people so, here are several ways to develop your teaching effectiveness.


8 Ways to Develop Teaching Effectiveness

1.) Teaching effectiveness Tip: Practice the 10-20-70.

As mentioned above, effective teaching comes from people who have actually applied what they teach in one or many of their experiences. Say, if you are teaching Tips on Successful Investing and you yourself don’t even have at least one or two investments, how can you convince your audience that the tips are actually useful? The 10-20-70 concept means 10% basic knowledge, 20% seminars or training, and 70% execution. In short, when we are experienced with what we are teaching. There is a higher probability that you will be able to discuss the subject commendably.


2.) Teaching effectiveness Tip: Teach something useful.

There are teachers and professors who are so boring you just want to leave the room once they started talking. Most of the time, many put focus on the manual or curriculum forgetting that life doesn’t utilize everything written in it! So, from time to time, make sure to trigger your audience’s mind with something they can easily apply. Like tips on grocery shopping, selecting the perfect wine or shoes, determining fake products, or reading someone’s actions. These things may not be written according to your manual but hey, we could all use some fun and life hacks!


3.) Teaching effectiveness Tip: Utilize Perfect Timing.

In teaching, you must always follow the trend. Just like in feature writing where you have to be updated and innovative, you must teach at least in a way where you can relate the status quo. Try to relate Math with investments, online shopping, or just crack a relevant joke or pun out of the topic you have. Utilize the timing of anything that is trendy or famous. Current events are often relevant to teaching and who knows? Your student may not know about it and start listening to you. Not just current events, historical facts with relevance to your topic can always spark attention and active listening vital to learning.


4.) Teaching effectiveness Tip: Build Rapport.

There is always a barrier between a teacher or trainer and their students. Building rapport is never a mistake because it breaks barrier, boredom, and animosity. By being active in remembering your students’ name or short backgrounds, you will be able to relate each lesson with at least someone in the class. With this, you can prompt continuous discussion and save time. Effective teaching is when you get your audience to participate and cooperate. This only means they are into it and are already learning by coming up with answers and ideas to share.


5.) Teaching effectiveness Tip:  Use engaging activities and tools.

Teaching effectiveness is also incorporated with engaging activities that are both fun and knowledgeable. This will also build rapport, fire up ideas, develop communication, and keep the momentum alive. It doesn’t always have to be nerve-wracking- it can be games or skits that can boost creativity and interest within your audience. As a result, it will save you time and energy from always talking while making sure everyone is involved in learning.


6.) Teaching effectiveness Tip: Level Up Your Game.

Whenever you finish a topic, try to observe and seek feedback. What went well? Is there anything that is to be continued? Or can be improved? You can always seek help from your colleagues or your audience. It’s true that feedback is a gift and with these collective feedbacks, you can come up with a trick that can easily level up your game in the next lesson. Continuous improvement is a great chance to be so much better than your previous teachings. This way, your students will appreciate your effort and will always be thrilled to attend your class. It is because they consistently get overflowing knowledge from a reliable source, YOU.


7.) Teaching effectiveness Tip: Open your mind for new ideas and criticisms.

When teaching effectively, you will learn the value of feedback and innovative ideas. They will sometimes come from a person higher than you, from your peer, but the most amazing teacher will always experience. Your students and your teaching experiences will help you gain standards and working ways to reach your ideal teaching effectiveness.

By considering new ideas from your students and peers, you will derive new things that will help you develop your teaching effectiveness skills. Together with constructive feedback, these new things and practice combine together, giving your own unique teaching style and skills. Once you are well-trained, your teaching will always be effective because you know your style very well.


8.) Teaching effectiveness Tip: Humor has it.

In teaching, there will always be a moment for boredom but, when you can somehow involve humor with a smart idea? The whole session can be changed. Humor is necessary not just to kill boredom but to gain attention and light up the mood. Teaching effectiveness needs attentive listening and humor is one of the perfect ways to get your listeners to focus. But always remember to time your puns or jokes- you don’t want to sound like everything you say are just jokes or fallacy, do you? The right amount of everything is the key to harmony.


The secret to teaching effectiveness!

Simply put, teaching effectiveness isn’t achieved overnight. It takes years and massive experience to be increase teaching effectiveness but with proper training, you can definitely be one! Teaching effectiveness means constant brain training for efficiency, accuracy, and development.

Neeuro Memorie App is an effective way to keep your brain in shape to face the challenges teaching effectiveness has to offer. This app is now available in Google Play Store and soon on Apple Store. What’s exciting is that the app gauges and nourishes your cognitive skills for better attention (Has been proven effective to reduce ADHD symptoms!), memory, decision making, spatial activity, and cognitive flexibility.

These cognitive skills are important for teaching effectiveness. As it’s also handy, you can train yourself anywhere and anytime you are free! Always remember that what you teach may equip someone with the ace they need in order to succeed. Finally, always be sharp, smart, and cool in one!


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