Have you ever attempted to memorise a phone number, only to find that the numbers get all jumbled up in your head when you try to repeat them? Here, have a go at it right now.

Read aloud the following numbers: 08521 94675

Now close your eyes – no cheating – and try to recall this sequence of numbers from your memory.

If you’re finding it hard to recall numbers, that’s because your working memory is limited to remembering things for short-term. Your working memory helps you store, retrieve and keep track of information. It’s a system that makes information available for thinking, comprehending and problem solving.

Everyone differs in their working memory capacity. Some people may be good at processing information right away, while others may need more time and practice (I sure do). If you’re like me, you might want to consider finding ways to enhance your working memory.

You can actually train your working memory using something called n-back training. An n-back task is an assessment in cognitive neuroscience that measures a part of working memory. In such tasks, a person is given a sequence of stimuli, and the task involves identifying when the current stimulus matches the one from “n steps earlier in the sequence. The factor “n can be changed to make the task harder or easier. “1-back” means that you must remember the position of an item, one turn back. “2-back” means that you must remember the position of the item two turns back, and so on.

Sushi Recall is one example of an n-back brain training game that consists of 10 levels, with levels that reach up to “4-back”. It gets more challenging as the levels increase, so it’s a form of mental stimuli that subjects the person carrying out the task to continuously maintaining and manipulating information in their working memory. Studies have shown that n-back training can be pretty useful, if done properly and regularly.

There are many exercises out there that uses the n-back method of training working memory. Training your working memory is important because as you age, your working memory capacity is likely to decline. Sushi Recall is a fun n-back game that gives your working memory a good workout (though it may make you a little hungry too).

Check out the video to learn more about Sushi Recall and n-back training.

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