Imagine that your kid is taking part in an inter-sports competition. His local sports performance has been great thus far. But they see the crowd, the other teams and the pressure gets to them. Ultimately, their performance drops. Some kids tend to take the failure extremely hard and as a result, their future performances deteriorate. Which, in turn, drastically affects their mental state.

To excel in sports, your mental strength is equally important as your physical strength. You can train for hours, eat the right food, be disciplined in every other aspect and still your performance might dip. But unless you regularly train your mind to sharpen your focus, concentration, gain mindfulness the results won’t turn out as you hope. To consistently succeed in sports performance, it is imperative to fortify your mind.

Failure is inevitable. Rather than getting disheartened you should introspect and take back valuable lessons from them. You should hone skills such as focus, concentration and mindfulness to tackle intense pressure.

If you consider any elite athletes they train their mind as rigorously as they train their body. The strong mental state is what segregates the elite from the rest.

Elite athletes having the ability to maintain a present-minded focus for a Sports Performance

Usain Bolt said, Learning the mind is as important as understanding your body”.

When athletes are competing in a fast-paced game, they have to analyse and divert their focus instantaneously. Their sports performance will take a drastic hit if they don’t have control over their focus. A lack of focus can just as easily disrupt a victory.

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Therefore, professional athletes undergo intense training to control their mind and emotions. They regulate focus.

First of all, distractions happen. So, they prepare contingencies for various seasons, events, even competitors. This enables the professionals not to lose their focus during the game. When events take a twist, they go with their contingency response.

But, this mental state can’t be attained in a day. Sometimes, it takes a lot of practice to spontaneously react when circumstances shift. Athletes condition their body in a certain routine for a significantly longer time so that it is imbibed in their body.

Hence, training the mind must begin from a young age. There are certain methods you could follow which would help them achieve the right mental state even when they falter in their sports performance. To see how you can train your kids to be more focused, click here

Methodologies You Can Implement to Boost your Children’s Sports Performance

Sports Performance Children

Sports Performance Booster #1: Encourage Children to Compete against Themselves

The ultimate aim of indulging in sports is to continually improve oneself. Remember, don’t compare your kid with others. That will lead to self-intimidation and they will always feel inferior as they compare themselves with someone more dexterous.

Encourage them to work on enhancing their skills and to compete with their own potential. Primarily, set goals. Secondarily, guide and motivate them to achieve those goals. When children compete against themselves, they are more relaxed and display better sports performance!

Sports Performance Children

Sports Performance Booster #2: Losing is NOT Failing

The primary purpose of indulging children in sports is to acquire and master sports skills. So, even when your kid gives his best and loses, it is critical not to reprehend them for the result. Support and encouragement are incumbent to stabilize and improve their mental state. Elucidate them on the message that winning or losing is not related to success and failure.

Michael Jordan, in his career, missed more shots than he scored. Imagine, if he considered missed shots as a failure, he wouldn’t have become the star he is today.

Sports Performance Children

Sports Performance Booster #3: Hone their Focus

While playing a sport, there will be a lot of distractions. It, sometimes, can overload the kid’s mind with information. As a parent, you should coach them hone their focus towards what is relevant. It’s not a skill that can be developed in a day.

Consistently guide them in segregating and attuning their mind to the relevant cues. This, will enable them to be more prepared and deal with any sudden distractions while not compromising their sports performance.

Sports Performance Children

Sports Performance Booster #4: Help them Gain Confidence

Confidence is the mindset where an individual believes in his/her ability to execute a task. Furthermore, the confidence will depend on their past performances, training and preparation.

Confidence is one of the most impactful mental states a sportsperson can have. It’s hard to get agitated or anxious when they are confident. When you are pessimistic about them not being a perfectionist or losing a game you plant doubt in their mind. Doubt is contagious and will lead to downfall.

Support, motivate and encourage your kids regardless of their performance. Also, coach and guide them to improve themselves. These actions will imbue confidence in them and they will be more certain of their abilities. Which, in turn, will lead to enhanced sports performance.

Helps Parents and Teachers build their Children holistically, prepared for any Sports Performance

Boosting your child’s mental state is instrumental for success as a strong mind will be able to overcome even the hardest of the failures. In your parental objective to boost their sports performance, it is your responsibility to strengthen their mind. Motivate and coach them in a positive approach and who knows? Eventually, they could one day become a star.

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Sports Performance Children

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